EE 4G To Stock CAT4 4G Huawei E5576 Mobile Wi-Fi Device


EE 4G says the Huawei E5576 Mobile Wi-Fi Device is the UK’s first Category 4 LTE device

EE 4G has announced it will stock the Huawei E5776 mobile Wi-Fi, the first ‘Category 4’ (CAT4) enabled LTE device in the UK.

The Huawei E5776 receives the EE 4G service and creates a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot allowing users to connect their smartphone, tablet, laptop or any other Wi-Fi compatible device. It will be available for free on all existing EE 4G plans and also on a variety of business tariffs.

CAT4 devices can support speeds of up to 150Mbps whereas ‘Category 3’ devices can handle up to 100Mbps. This means it will be able to make full use of the double-fast speeds that EE 4G is preparing to roll out in ten cities across the UK this summer.

EE 4G Category 4 Device

Huawei E5776 mobile WiFiEE has recently announced plans to double the amount of 1800MHz bandwidth dedicated to 4G from 10MHz to 20MHz, enabling top speeds of 130Mbps in Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester and Sheffield, with average speeds expected to be around 20Mbps.

“We’re pleased to be launching our first next generation 4G device,” said Paul Jevons, Director of Products and Devices, EE. “With this device, not only will customers get amazing Superfast 4GEE speeds today, but they’ll also benefit from an even greater experience when we double the speeds in our network, which will be rolling out this summer.”

Yesterday, EE released its first ever Responsibility Report, which outlines its plan to become the “most trusted communications company” in the UK. It has pledged to help improve the digital skills of one million people, take on 500 apprentices by 2015 and reduce its carbon emissions and waste landfill by 2015.

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