Delphix Launches Modernisation Engine For Data Centre Upgrades

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The new tool creates a virtual copy of all applications, databases and files

US database virtualisation expert Delphix has launched the Delphix Modernization Engine – a software product that aims to drastically cut the time it takes to transition from legacy systems.

The Modernization Engine creates, manages, and archives virtual copies of applications, databases, and files to ease consolidation projects, migrations to the cloud, conversions from Unix to Linux and application retirement.

Delphix says that faster migration results in considerable savings and higher success rate for IT projects.

The Modernisation Engine also provides businesses with live archiving capability for applications and associated databases which conserves disk space and system resources while still satisfying all compliance demands.

“Businesses accumulate applications on a variety of aging systems over years of operation, which can result in management complexity and a large boat anchor of run-rate expenses,” said Jedidiah Yueh, Delphix founder and CEO. “With Agile Data and our Modernisation Engine, IT organisations have an opportunity to dramatically reduce run-rate expenses and convert the savings into innovation, which can make businesses leaner and more competitive. Delphix lifts the data anchor.”

Anchors aweigh

Data centre modernisation projects can be costly and take a lot of time. They also leave the remaining infrastructure vulnerable, and any delays further increase the risk that the project will not run according to plan.

Data-Center-Migration1This is where the Modernisation Engine comes in. Built on version 4.0 of Delphix Agile Data Platform, it relies on patented data virtualisation technology to create virtual copies of not just the databases, but also all applications, including binaries, configuration files and automation scripts.

The software can then provision virtual data environments in minutes to remote servers, either on premise or in private or public clouds.

Special attention has been given to Unix-to-Linux conversions. Many organisations have older applications running on Unix-based severs, while most public and private clouds have been built with modern x86 Linux-based servers. Delphix says it can cut the time it requires to migrate legacy databases and applications to x86-based clouds by as much as 80 percent.

The company says one of its customers in the financial sector expected that it would take it three months to convert each of its Unix-based Oracle databases to Linux. Tests with Delphix reduced that time to two weeks per database, saving $1 billion in the process.

Both the Delphix Modernisation Engine and Delphix Agile Data Platform 4.0 are available now.

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