Dell World 2014 – Say Hello To Dell’s Office Of The Future

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Dell says “Smart Desk” concept will revolutionise the way we work

Dell has revealed a concept workstation, which it says could well transform the way certain industries create, design and develop ideas.

The company showed off its ‘Smart Desk’ concept at its Dell World event in Austin this week, demonstrating how having a computer device built in to a desk could make working easier and smoother than ever before.

The concept twinned a large LCD monitor with a 27in multi-touch interface built in to what would usually be a typical desk, allowing the user to interact using touch, stylus and ‘totems’ – items which react with the screen to allow more control.

dell smart deskImmersive

But the desk will also interact with other devices around it, for example, identifying photos on a smartphone placed on the surface, or linking up with a tablet device to allow further multi-screen working.

Dell says the workspace could be especially useful for creative industries, showing off several demos which demonstrated how the likes of video game designers, graphic artists and music editors could all benefit. The company is currently working with partners to design and seed applications that makes use of both screens thanks to plug-ins providing key Independent Software Vendor application support.

It is set up to allow multiple users, and individual digital desktops can be assembled around a single project for collaboration. It will also come with integrated security and manageability software solutions.

“The Dell smart desk will change creative, design, and analysis workflows for the better while introducing a new, immersive way for professionals to interact with those demanding workflows,” the company said.

“Any smart desk workspace will allow users to pick up their work session wherever they left it—regardless of location. This means that the creative cycle will never miss a beat.”

Sadly there are no details regarding availability or price just yet, but Dell is keen to get the concept into real-world environments as soon as it can. The announcement follows a similar concept unveiled by rival HP last week, the HP Sprout, which was designed to pair with the company’s upcoming Multi Jet Fusion 3D printer.

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