Dell Offers Mid-Market Quickstart Data Warehouse Appliance

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Dell is offering data warehousing capabilities to mid-tier companies with its new Quickstart Data Warehouse Appliance

Dell is looking to bring data warehousing to the masses with the launch of its Quickstart Data Warehouse Appliance 1000.

The appliance is powered by Dell PowerEdge 12th generation servers and new Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Data Warehouse Appliance Edition, as well as Dell Boomi cloud-based data integration software

The platform supports up to 5TB of user data and a lightweight subscription-based data integration service integrates data from any source using an intuitive visual interface.

Cloudy Data Warehouse

Boomi is designed to aid the integration of data from a variety of sources, including the cloud, and includes start-up and training services, as well as quarterly health checks to help ensure ongoing success. In addition, enhanced data warehouse features, such as xVelocity In-memory ColumnStore, speeds up query performance and optimizes resources with data compression.

“We appreciate the fact that Dell has configured a comprehensive data warehouse platform that includes Dell Boomi, making it much easier for us to incorporate our data into the larger big data environments of our clients,” Rich Mellott, president and technology strategist at Digiop, a company that beta tested the appliance, said in prepared remarks. “This allows us to focus development on advancing Digiop Elements for our Video-Enhanced Intelligence software which, when bundled with Quickstart Data Warehouse Appliance, provides an excellent turnkey solution for our multiple-site and enterprise customers through the Dell channel.”

At the core of the offering are Dell’s PowerEdge 12th generation blade, rack and tower servers, which deliver Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 product family performance, enhanced memory density, choice of embedded network interface controller (NIC) technologies, a variety of hot-swappable hard disc drive (HDD) and solid state drive (SSD) choices, PCIe Gen3-enabled expansion slots and a host of other I/O enhancement options for server virtualisation, high performance computing (HPC), virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and other compute-intensive applications.

Mid Market Focus

“Midmarket organisations, not unlike large enterprises, are challenged by the explosion of data volumes and are looking for better ways to analyse and use this data to gain business insights and stay competitive,” Ben Linder, executive director of data warehousing and business intelligence at Dell, said in a press statement.

“Limited IT resources and budgets have mostly prevented midsize organisations from building data warehouses and realising the insights they need,” said Linder. “Dell now offers the midmarket a comprehensive, robust, affordable and simple data warehouse solution.”

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