Data Centres To Get ‘MOT’ Certificates

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Proposed certificate would take the guesswork out of buying data centre services

International industry body the Data Centre Alliance (DCA) has launched a data centre certification programme. The scheme will use independent auditors to take the risk factor out of the industry and establish confidence in a previously unregulated sector.

DCA director Simon Campbell-Whyte said the new “MOT for data centres” [an analogy with the UK’s mandatory Ministry of Transport tests which cars must pass in order to drive on the public roads]  will put an end to the atmosphere of fear in the business. For decades only the rich or the very technical could afford to audit prospective data centre suppliers, he admitted.

Data Centre“People buying data centre services had no sure-fire or simple way to judge the true quality and resilience of a data centre – until now,” he said.

Get Certified

The DCA Data Centre Certification programme was developed through an international collaboration between data centre operators, customers, suppliers, academics and professional individuals. The DCA claimed the certification is based on customer business goals rather than purely technical requirements, which were often economically unrealistic.

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