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Compuware unveils a free version of its mobile service to help organisations monitor mobile application usage

Compuware has enhanced its mobile management portfolio with the availability of the free Compuware APM Mobile Application Monitoring Service.

This is a free solution that combines crash, performance and business analytics for native mobile applications.

Free Service

Compuware says it pioneered mobile APM, first delivering solutions more than three years ago. Users interested in gaining early access to the company’s new free offering can register here.

Army mobile appsCompuware Mobile Application Monitoring Free Edition is a software as a service (SaaS) solution that monitors mobile performance from the real user perspective, the company said. This enables enterprises to analyse who is using their mobile applications; see performance by device and browser; and know the impact of device characteristics such as signal strength, battery charge and memory – all with integrated crash-detection and diagnostics. This insight enables organisations to address performance issues proactively and maximise business results.

“Our customers tell us they need better solutions for managing mobile applications,” Steve Tack, vice president of product management for Compuware’s APM business unit, said in a statement. “They started with crash analytics, but as mobile applications have become mainstream, they now want crash, performance and business analytics all in one easy-to-use solution. As mobile applications become industrialised, operations, development and business teams are looking for all three dimensions in a single Mobile APM solution.”

The free solution includes the following features:

  • Monitoring real end-users’ mobile app experiences: Compuware APM Mobile Application Monitoring Free Edition monitors and tracks application usage, performance, availability and business-level information, and captures and detects crashes in a single solution. With the Free Edition, you can begin monitoring all aspects of an iOS or Android mobile application in minutes.
  • Mobile app usage tracking: This feature tracks the numbers of users and their application sessions across regions, devices and networks, giving organisations the insight needed to optimise their applications to achieve better business results.
  • Availability measurement and reporting: These capabilities deliver insight into whether the application is stable and consistently available, and able to serve the customer when it is needed, every time.
  • Monitoring mobile app performance: Free Edition measures performance of a mobile application directly from the mobile device to understand the end-user impact of poor performance, with detailed performance trending and patterns over time.
  • Isolating root causes of crashes and errors, down to the line of code: This involves the capture and analysis any error or crash that end users experience as well as drilling down on crashes to see what happened on a device at the time of a crash and the identification of critical information, such as operating system, carrier, geographic location, battery level, other running applications and the specific line of code where the problem occurred.

Mobile Management

“We have used Compuware’s Mobile Application Monitoring solution with great success since 2012,” Christian Kaar, CTO and co-founder of Runtastic, a provider of health and fitness apps, hardware devices and online services, said in a statement. “Before that, we did not have an end-to-end view of performance from the real user perspective, and resolving issues was definitely a challenge for us. Now with the combination of crash, performance and business analytics, we can solve problems quickly all from one solution.”

Compuware’s leadership in mobile APM dates back to 2009 when the company delivered the industry’s first mobile synthetic testing solution. More than 500 businesses, from small enterprises to Fortune 100 companies, currently use Compuware APM’s mobile solutions.

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