Poll: Would You Choose A Chromebook?


Would you willingly have a Google Chromebook instead of a laptop?

This year, Google’s Chromebook, made by Samsung, was a surprise winner in Amazon’s pre-Christmas sales, moving more units than any other laptop on the US site.

The machine, which relies on a network connection and has a very quick boot-up time, came top in Amazon’s US sales rankings for laptops, and came second on the UK site.  In terms of numbers sold,  it wiped the floor with Apple’s Macbooks, on both sides of the Atlantic. We want to know if you agree with the popular choice, and would consider a Chromebook.

Cheap and cheerful Chromebook

The high sales obviously have a lot to do with the price: at $325, the Chromebook costs less than a third the price of a MacBook Pro. Priced at £229 in the UK, it is competing against laptops which cost at least £100 more.

It’s also obvious that using Amazon’s sales figures as a reference is artificially selecting consumer sales. However, the sales figures – particularly in the US – showed a disillusion with Windows 8, and a willingness to move away from traditional Microsoft software, towards a machine that runs a version of Linux, called Chrome OS.

How does that play in an audience which is technically astute, we wondered? So please have a look at the following poll, and tell us what sort of laptop you would have, given a free choice.

If you bought a new laptop now, what would it be?

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