Cheap Flights! iOS App ‘Hopper’ Could Save You 40% On Airline Ticket Costs


The Hopper app examines billions of flights to let you know the best time to buy tickets

A new iOS app is the latest in a string of services promising to help consumers find the cheapest flights – though with a twist.

Instead of focussing on the price itself, Hopper claims it can analyse “billions” of flights in order to tell customers the cheapest time to travel on thousands of routes.

What makes Hopper stand out is that it curates these in real-time. Users can request instant alerts to ensure they’re notified as soon as a cheaper offer on their chosen journey becomes available.

Save money with the bunny

It’s a package that the app makers say on average saves travellers 40 percent, offering real-time information instead of a daily digest of deals.

The app is laid out in a colour coded calendar system. Prospective fliers enter their preferred route, and are then presented with a chart of dates that are coloured from green (good deal) to red (expensive.)

But tLaptop airplane offlinehat’s not all, Hopper can also tell you the best time to buy. For example, it may tell you that the lowest price for a flight departing Heathrow on July 9 with British Airways is currently $300, but the app predicts that the price for that flight could drop as low as $180 over the coming four months.

In other words, Hopper claims to tell travellers whether to book now or wait for a better deal, as well as warning fliers when the cut-off date for cheap flights.

Currently, the app is only available on iOS with fares in US dollars.

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