Can EMC Accelerate Ducati’s MotoGP Racing Ambitions?

EMC’s Isilon and Syncplicity solutions deployed to enable better storage and sharing of data – and help Ducati make the best use of its information technology assets

EMC has partnered with the Ducati Corse racing team to support the company’s IT strategy for the 2014/15 racing season.

The technology rollout is designed to help the team to make real-time use of the information generated at the trackside with the goal of accelerating Ducati’s ambitions in this year’s MotoGP World Championship and Superbike World Championship campaigns.

Vital performance data

From September 2014, Ducati will rely on the EMC Isilon scale-out Network-attached Storage (NAS) solution to consolidate, manage and analyse its vital performance data, including engine fluid-dynamics, test archiving and bike telemetry. This storage platform is central to Ducati’s data-led approach to racing and should allow it to discover insights around how it can shave valuable milliseconds off its racers’ track times.Ducati MotoGP

Ducati team members will be able to access and share the information stored on Isilon through EMC’s Syncplicity solution – an enterprise-grade online file sharing and mobile collaboration tool. Syncplicity enables data files to be securely shared across a variety of devices, including mobile, in a manner that complies and is compatible with Ducati’s existing IT infrastructure. Through Syncplicity, relevant Ducati team members will be able to access and share the information they need, when they need it, helping to create more efficient and effective operations and communications within the team.

In addition to its technology implementation, EMC is supporting Ducati through direct sponsorship of its MotoGP and Superbike World Championship campaigns.

Roberto Canè, Electronics Systems director, Ducati Corse Division, said: “With the 2014 season now underway, we are excited to have EMC join the Ducati racing team. We believe that its data solutions will enable us hone our machines and our approach to racing helping us to achieve great things this year. We look forward to working with the EMC team and seeing the difference their technology makes.”

Marco Fanizzi, MD and GM, EMC Italy, said: “Big data analysis is playing an increasingly important role in a wide range of disciplines, but the sporting world gives us some of the best and most accessible demonstrations of the true power of this convergence of data and analysis. By collecting as much data as possible from as many sources as possible – and then mining that in real-time to uncover precious insights – organisations such as Ducati can gain the agility and genuine competitive advantage that will help to keep them at the forefront of their field.”

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