Can Cloud-Based Marketing Tech Deliver Business Intelligence?


Advertorial: Marketing campaigns can miss the mark, but new Cloud-based marketing tools could provide the ‘actionable’ intelligence your businesses needs

Many British businesses are now operating in a complex digital landscape and, whilst marketing budgets are growing, it can be a struggle to extract actionable data and understand what your marketing is doing.

To make matters worse, marketing professionals are regularly confronted with rapid changes like mobility, the need for personalised content, and new forms of social media. Technology is the big game changer here, but it can also hold the key to deliver effective marketing strategies, thanks to Cloud-based marketing tools such as the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Adobe Marketing Cloud

The Adobe Marketing Cloud offers a set of integrated tools to help businesses maximise and accurately measure their digital marketing impact. It also allows for large amounts of data to be effectively harnessed and then analysed so it can be used more effectively in marketing campaigns.

But to do this marketing professionals need the right tools. The Adobe Marketing Cloud comes with a wide range of tools (Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Adobe Social, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Media Optimizer, and Adobe Campaign) to measure, personalise and optimise marketing campaigns.

For example, Adobe Analytics delivers real-time analytics to improve the performance of marketing activities and deliver actionable insight into customer behaviour. Adobe Target allows a business to test and target their digital campaigns, to help deliver more a targeted and personalised experience for the customer. Adobe Social, meanwhile, allows for the effective management of social marketing campaigns, and can allow businesses to identify new trends, threats and opportunities for their particular brand or product.

There are other tools as well. The Adobe Experience Manger, for example, gives the marketing department the capacity to organise, manage and deliver marketing content across a range of digital channels. Adobe Media Optimiser focuses on the ROI (return on investment) by managing and optimising a business’s media mix in order to deliver an optimum return on their financial outlay. And, finally, Adobe Campaign allows for the planning and execution of marketing campaigns across all channels.

For a while now, marketing professionals have had to rely on their own experience, gut instincts and a range of different products to manage their marketing campaigns. But now the Adobe Marketing Cloud offers a comprehensive toolset which, when coupled with Adobe’s real-time dashboards and a collaborative interface,  gives marketers the ability to deliver the optimal brand experience to their customer base.

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