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BYOD Gives Us Bad Backs, Says Doctor

Mobile devices are creating health problems, with four people in five suffering from the debilitating effects of contorting their bodies around a tiny gadget, GP and health broadcaster Dr Sarah Jarvis has claimed. The problem is made worse by the rise of bring your own device (BYOD) policies.

Jarvis diagnosed “Hunched-over-Laptop syndrome” (HOLS) as the problem of the modern mobile age. It is curable, said the GP, who prescribed a course of supporting systems and ergonomic equipment such as laptop stands and separate keyboards, which could create a massive new upsell opportunity for the channel.

Laptop to hunchback

There is a powerful sales argument for specialist equipment, according to Jarvis, a health and medical reporter for BBC’s The One Show. The lack of ergonomic equipment is causing a rise in work-related back and joint problems, she argued, adding that the resulting sick days are undermining productivity gains created by mobile working and could hurt Britain’s economy.

The claims were based on a survey commissioned by office experts Fellowes and conducted by Dynamic Markets among 1,000 UK adults. The report said tablets, handhelds and laptops cause posture problems which lead to headaches, painful joints, and spinal conditions.  Two thirds (65%) of mobile users are forced to take medication and one in 20 are forced to stop work. One in ten workers are in constant pain and 17 percent suffer every day, said the survey.

Young adults (aged 18 – 24) are most seriously affected, said the research. The problems are being caused by a lack of health and safety awareness and the absence of any ergonomic equipment. Industry is crying out for consultancy and equipment from specialist IT resellers, Jarvis maintained.

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