Quiz Of The Week: Business Mobility


What do you know about the issues raised by mobile devices in business? Try our quiz!

Mobile devices have become essential for doing business. But how well do you understand the issues they bring to the table? Our quiz will test your knowledge.

At first, big enterprise resisted mobile devices. Then BlackBerry made mobile email an essential enabler, and smartphones like the iPhone popularised mobile Internet use. Today, mobile strategy should be one of the first things on any IT manager’s list.

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A question of mobility?

Mobile devices may be a no-brainer for companies wanting to increase productivity, but the old problems, such as mobile security, have not gone away. Enterprise IT must support the devices that staff want, but it is essential to keep them under control, just like with any other business technology.

Security has to be kept tight – and that means remote management, locking and wiping devices, keeping the data on them encrypted.

And then there’s the issues of performance and functionality. It’s only worth going mobile if you actually get what you want from the move.

You also have to know the landscape – so why don’t you

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