Tech Quiz: Mozilla Firefox

What does the fox say? Find out with our Mozilla Firefox quiz!

Earlier this week Mozilla unleashed Firefox Quantum – a superfast browser which the organisation claims is the most significant release since Firefox 1.0 more than a decade ago.

The browser, developed by the non-profit Mozilla Foundation and volunteers, first made its debut in 2004 in a bid to provide a challenger for Internet Explorer following the demise of Netscape.


Ten thousand volunteers clubbed together to fund a full page advertisement in the New York Times to promote the arrival of version 1.0 and the browser has gone from strength to strength since then.

Today, the browser market is much more competitive, with Firefox and Google Chrome providing competition to Internet Explorer. Firefox has also helped to popularise features like add-ons and tabs, while privacy has been a constant focus.

But what do you know about the browser pioneer?

Find out with our Firefox Quiz!