Opera 48 Gets Sharper UI & Conversion Tools To Compete In Browser Battle

The browser also comes packing a new engine under its improved interface

Opera has take the covers off Opera 48 an overhauled version of its web browser that brings in productivity refinements such as a built-in currency converter, offering an alternative to Google Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox. 

Aside from a design tweaks to clean up the browser’s interface, including the option to remove unwanted autocomplete search suggestions and a sharpened interface for use with displays with high resolutions and pixel counts. Opera 48 also comes with a fresh set of features. 

The ability to convert measurements, time zones and currencies from simply highlighting them within the browser, rather than performing a clumsy search, is likely to be a boon for people who want to work faster with figures not in tune with their native country.

These conversions will pop up once the numbers are highlighted and will serve the one most relevant to a users location and browser settings. 

Boosted browser 

Oracle 48After an incubation period in the Neon browser, Opera is also bringing its snapshot tool to Opera 48, allowing for users to rapidly capture a full or cropped screenshot of the content they are browsing, rather than conduct fiddly time-consuming screen-capturing and copy-pasting that is native to Windows-based machines. 

Other features designed to make life easier and faster with the Opera 48 browser, is the ability to import bookmarks from Microsoft’s Edge browser and Yandex, as well as the usual suspects of Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. 

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And Opera 48 also has a new engine under its browser skin, which comprises a tuned-up version of Chromium version 61, and offers support for JavaScript modules and the ability for pages to request to clear cookies, as well as bringing in claimed improved browser stability and security. 

Opera 48 is a decent evolution over older versions of the browser and certainly has a feature set that should appeal to people who want to get things done quickly when web browsing. 

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