Bitcoin Exhange Website Slaps 100 BTC Bounty On Hacker

SecurityWorkspace refuses to be bullied by blackmailers

Bitcoin dealer has reportedly put a huge bitcoin bounty on a notorious hacker who recently put the website out of action for two days. Bitalo is a Germany-based Bitcoin platform providing several services, including a hybrid bitcoin wallet and a peer-to-peer exchange service.

chasing criminalBlackmail

In September the same hacker apparently DDOS attacked bitcoin sports book in a blackmail attempt, demanding money for the attacks to stop.’s owners have now put a bounty on the hacker who goes by the pseudonym DD4BC, Coin Telegraph reported. Anyone who provides information leading to his or her identity will collect 100 BTC, currently the equivalent of £20,300. Coin Telgraph claims to have received emails from the alleged hacker, confirming that the attempt at blackmail took place.

“As was the case in the situation, the hacker has been taking down sites and then demands a tribute to teach the site how to prevent DDoS attacks,” Coin Telgraph reported. “As was in the case in those communications, DD4BC claims to perform similar attacks on other Bitcoin sites, who he (or she, or they) claim pay the ransom. It is unknown at this time if his claims are true.”

According to, this is the third bitcoin bounty to be put on hackers. 37.6875 BTC (£7,650) has been offered for help catching whoever hacked into the email accounts of the supposed creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, and bitcoin angel investor Roger Ver. 2.1249 BTC (£430) is also available to anyone who helps catch whoever is responsible for the missing 600,000 BTC (£121,800,372 from Bitcoin exchange Mtgox.

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