Benjamin Netanyahu: Iran Significantly Increased Cyber Strikes On Israel


Israel’s prime minister warns critical infrastructure is being bombarded by attacks from Iran and its allies

Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has claimed Iran and its Palestinian and Lebanese allies are targeting critical national infrastructure with “non-stop” cyber attacks.

Netanyahu issued the accusation on Sunday, saying there was a “significant increase in the scope of cyber attacks on Israel by Iran” in the last few months.

Police cyber security - Shutterstock - © Amy WaltersNetanyahu: We thwart most attacks

“These attacks are carried out directly by Iran and through its proxies, Hamas and Hezbollah,” he added, according to a report in Reuters.

“Despite the non-stop attacks on us, you hear only about a few of them because we thwart most of them.”

He claimed water, power and banking were all at threat from Iranian attacks.

Israel is home to a vibrant cyber security industry. It is known to be something of a security start-up nirvana, partly because of the massive effort the Israeli government has put in to securing its systems.

Netanyahu created a national cyber directorate in 2011, designed to protect Israeli systems, although the administration has also been named as the co-creator of Stuxnet, malware that disrupted nuclear operations in Iran.

Israel was the focus on an Anonymous campaign in April, which claimed to have caused $3 billion in damages, but sources within the country said it achieved next to nothing.

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