Apple Appoints Senior Tag Heuer Watch Executive – Report

Apple iWatch rumours continue with company’s latest recruit from the fashion industry

Apple has added strength to reports that claim the existence of the iWatch by reportedly hiring Patrick Pruniaux, who was vice president for sales and retail at luxury Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer.

The iPad manufacturer has recruited a number of executives from the fashion industry, including former Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts, who now heads up Apple’s retail business, and Paul Deneve from Yves St Laurent, who is heading up a “special projects” dvision at the company.

Apple apparently tried to recruit others from Tag Heuer, but its advances were rebuffed.

‘Watch’ This Space

Apple iOS 6 ClockApple is widely reported to be developing a smart watch device, dubbed the iWatch, as it seeks to move into the wearable market. In February last year Apple filed a patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a “wearable accessory device”. It has also filed similar patents in Japan.

As usual, Apple has not confirmed the existence of the iWatch device, although CEO Tim Cook has promised it is working on “innovative” new products.

Experts and analysts are divided as to what the functions and capabilities of the new iWatch will be.

Fitness Device?

Some speculate that Apple are planning ambitious health care or fitness-related plans around its iWatch, whilst other reports point to it including Home Control features. Some have even predicted it will be solar powered, while more modest claims suggest  it could be a simple extension of the iPhone or iPad, providing access to features such as messages and notifications.

Yet Apple is late to the market here, with some of its rivals are already on the second generation of their watch offerings. Nevertheless, Apple’s competitors will be keenly watching developments over at the Cupertino, California-based company, as will many in the luxury watch market who hold concerns that high-end watch buyers will instead opt for a Apple device.

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