Apple Store Reaches 100,000 Native iPad Apps


Apple’s App store now has over 100,000 iPad applications, as the other device makers step up their game

There are now more than 100,000 native iPad applications available from the US version of Apple’s App Store, just over a year after the first Apple tablet applications were submitted.

While almost all of the applications developed for the Apple’s iPhone are also accessible on the iPad, they get stretched out on the device’s larger screen, whereas native iPad apps are designed specifically a the large, high-resolution display.

The landmark for iPad applications has been reached in less time than it took for iPhone applications to reach the same point, indicating that momentum is continuing to build among developers working on applications for Apple devices. The UK tablet store is following close behind, with 99,335 apps.

Apps grow in importance

Total app volume is becoming a major selling point for companies that are keen to differentiate themselves in the smartphone and tablet markets. Google’s Android Market recently passed the 200,000 applications milestone for smartphones, but is still lagging on tablet applications optimised for the Android Honeycomb operating system.

While Steve Jobs criticised Honeycomb for only having 100 apps during the iPad 2 launch, others have checked the Android Marketplace, and found reasons to whittle the number down further. Apple Insider counted 50, eliminating those that are not “featured for tablets”.

Meanwhile, the lack of applications for Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform has been partly blamed for the platform’s slow start in the market. However, it is hoped that its recently announced deal to become the platform of choice on Nokia smartphones will boost developer interest.

Meanwhile, the application market for HP’s webOS platform is trailing far behind. Last week HP resorted to publishing a monthly magazine, called webOS Pivot, designed to provide users with an “entertaining and informative editorial resource” for discovering webOS 3.0 applications for the HP TouchPad.

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