Apple Faces iOS4 Embarrassment

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Apple is investigating reports that iPhone 3G users are experiencing a number of problems with their handsets after upgrading to iOS 4

In a move that will not make happy reading for Steve Jobs, reports are starting to emerge of problems for users of older iPhone handsets, who have upgraded to iOS4. Indeed, one major French operator views the problem as so serious that it has told users to think carefully before upgrading.

Coming fresh on the heels of Antennagate, as Apple calls it (or the iPhone Death Grip as others term it), complaints are apparently emerging on Apple support forums and technology blogs about iOS4, which only arrived in late June.

Slow, Hungry And Hot

According to the Wall Street Journal, the most common problem seems to be associated with slow performance after the upgrade to the new operating system. Other complaints have surfaced about shortened battery life and excessive heat.

“After downloading ios4, my battery life has decreased significantly. It lasts barely a day and I would really like to know how to fix this. Is there a way to unistall ios4. Cause to be honest I was perfectly happy with my itouch before the so called upgrade,” said a user called Ladyshe88.

Other reports complain that iPhone 3G users who upgraded to iOS 4, are being stung for hefty overseas data bills because their roaming switch does not work any more, at least on O2’s network.

When eWEEK Europe UK contacted O2 regarding the matter, a spokesperson said; “We are investigating these reports with Apple.”

In addition, an Apple spokeswoman confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that the company is aware of the complaints and is looking into the matter.

French Warning

Meanwhile, a major French operator SFR (partly owned by Vodafone) has apparently texted its subscribers, warning them about upgrading to iOS4. According to the Register, SFR said in the text  that upgrading to iOS 4 significantly slows down the menus of iPhone 3G and 3GS, although it later updated its advice to state that the warning relates only to the iPhone 3G.

SFR also warned that, should older iPhone users be tempted to upgrade to iOS4, the process is irreversible. That advice is repeated on the operator’s site, in French.

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