Anonymous Gets $54k Funding For News Site


Your Anon News to set up its own incendiary web space

Hacktivist collective Anonymous is set to get its own official news site, after it raised well over its $2000 target on crowdsourcing service Indiegogo.

The Your Anon News (YAN) team wants to move away from Twitter and Tumblr as its main outlets, according to a post on Indiegogo, which showed it had raised $54,000.

Anonymous Guy Fawkes mask © lukeskydrawer - FotoliaAnonymous public service?

“We haven’t had a space to provide a proper forum for our many contributors and talented supporters,” the post read.

“We love the livestreamers that provide YAN with first-hand reporting and the independent journalists whose voices [are] often unheard, but we aren’t supporting them the way we should. We’re here to change that.

“We will engineer a new website which will allow us to collect breaking reports and blog postings from the best independent reporters online. We’ll provide feeds for citizen journalists who livestream events as they are taking place, instead of the 10-second sound bites provided by the corporate media.”

The YAN team said it envisioned initial server cots to hit $3600, so it should now have plenty of money for a high-quality website, with hosting covered for some time, as well as some DDoS protection to protect itself from enemies.

Anonymous is currently embroiled in a number of campaigns. This week it claimed to have hacked social media accounts belonging to hate group Westboro Baptist Church.

It also hit various North Korean websites in retaliation for the threats coming out of the Asian country, whilst it is threatening to target the Bahrain Grand Prix if it goes ahead, in support of anti-government protesters.

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