Apple 18 October Launch Event – MacBooks, AirPods Expected

Invites dispatched to a virtual Apple launch event on 18th October – new MacBook laptops and AirPod headphones are expected

Apple sends invites for launch event on Monday 18th October, where new MacBooks and new AirPods are expected to feature.

The launch event was announced in invites to media, a notice on the Apple newsroom, and a tweet from Apple marketing senior VP Greg Joswiak with the slogan “unleashed.”

It has been a busy period the iPhone maker. Last month Apple launched the new Apple Watch Series 7, new iPads, and of course the new iPhone 13 and iPhone Pro range.

MacBook, AirPods

Those new launches have left Apple’s most expensive and largest MacBooks the most obvious devices due for a revision, as the current models were released back in 2019.

Apple will of course video live stream the launch from its website, which has become the norm since the Coronavirus pandemic halted public events since Q1 2020.

The launch also means that Apple will head into the traditional busy Christmas holiday period with a refreshed product portfolio, encouraging more people to open their wallets to acquire the latest shiny new tech.

And the new launch will allow Apple to include its latest powerful processors in the new hardware.