10 Of The Best Storage Devices

By now, you’ve most likely accumulated oodles and oodles of digital files (perhaps into the petabytes, if you’re something of an information hoarder) at both work and home that you need to keep safe. But even the most super of computers/laptops/handheld devices has a limit on how much storage it can offer, which is why external storage devices are such a glorious solution. Enabling you to free up space on your computer, take your data with you wherever you go, and generally permit you to accumulate more and more data, these storage devices truly are a life-saver.

Here, then, are ten of the best storage devices available to service your memory needs.

  1. Leef iBRIDGE

Have you been waiting around impatiently for a company to develop a mass storage device for iOS devices? Well, wait no longer: Leef iBRIDGE is here to soothe your Apple memory woes. Bypassing the iPhone’s pesky lightening connector port, the ergonomically-shaped iBRIDGE is specifically designed to be compatible with your iOS device to give you more storage space without the need to continually delete files – which will ensure, as Leef puts it, that “you don’t miss life’s most memorable events.” And even though that’s a more-than-excellent reason to invest in the iBRIDGE, here are some more specs to tempt you further: it contains a USB port, is available in memory sizes from 16GB to 256GB, and comes with a free iOS7/iOS8 Leef iBRIDGE App to allow transfers, backup and photo/video-capturing. No wonder it was recently awarded ‘Gadget of the Week’ by The Sun.

  1. Transcend StoreJet 25M3

If it’s extra storage that you’re looking for, then the Taiwan-based company Transcend’s StoreJet device might bring about the end of your search. So ultra-durable that its heavily-rubberised jacket would (probably) protect it from being dropped in the bath, it proudly carries a military-grade level of shock resistance (though Transcend do make it clear that they’re “not responsible for recovering any data lost due to any improper usage” – so maybe steer clear of the bath) so you can you feel totally secure in the knowledge that your files and data will be safe, no matter what tragedy might befall it. Available in three fine capacities – 500GB, 1TB and 2TB – there’s ample room to save all your files on this well-respected storage device.

  1. Samsung 850 Evo

“A high-calibre SSD” is Samsung’s primary proclamation when it comes to marketing its 850 Evo, which could certainly be an accurate description given its power source: 3D V-Nand technology. Sounds impressive, no? To break it down a bit, it refers to the “memory architecture” in place that overcomes “the density limitations, performance and endurance of today’s conventional planar NAND architecture”, which can only be a good thing. As well as this, the 850 Evo guarantees the security of your data, protects against overheating through its smart and responsive ‘Dynamic Thermal Guard’, and is available in a number of memory capacities between 120GB to 1TB.

  1. Ironkey

Afraid of your sensitive data being just one robbery or moment of forgetfulness away from being compromised? You may want to invest in an encryption-centric device like Ironkey, then, to give you that extra peace of mind. Although not the most formidable of devices, the semantic symbolism of the Ironkey name truly comes into play through its ability to resist attacks from outside forces, providing your data with the kind of encryption-based security it needs to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. And, in a very Mission: Impossible style, the flash drive self-destructs after 10 failed password attempts – make sure you don’t forget your password, then.

  1. Synology DiskStation DS3615xs

For those looking for the kind of supersized storage device that looks capable of serving a local government, Synology’s DiskStation will more than suit your relatively-outrageous needs. Whether for business or general-yet-extensive record-keeping, the DiskStation DS3615xs is a fine data companion. Its 12 HDD trays, contained with its sleek black box, are plentiful, providing up to 216TB of raw storage capacity, with further room for expansion, if you somehow need it. Slightly different to your trusty USB stick perhaps, but it really is ideal for large-scale operations that require both proper data protection and management.

  1. SanDisk Ultra Fit USB 3.0

Back in the more relatable world of data storage is the trusted SanDisk’s USB-capable Ultra Fit device. In contrast to the option above, the Ultra Fit is so small that you might misplace it once or twice in your desk. But fear not – using this device will permit you to data-transfer at a super-fast rate (up to 130MB/s read), so it offers excellent performance. For such a tiny device it’s quite incredible that it can carry up to 64GB-worth of data within its diminutive frame – truly telling that, in this department at least, size doesn’t matter.

  1. Toshiba Canvio Basics 2TB

Basic in name, but not in nature: Toshiba’s Canvio Basics is an excellent option in the TB-sized storage device market, owing primarily to its strong performance and utilitarian manner of operating. Offering up to 2TB of storage, it’s an affordable and sleek product that ticks all the boxes if you’re looking to keep all your files in an external source from your main computer or device. It’s as simple as that, really.

  1. G-Technology G-RAID

Offering up to 8TB of space, G-Technology’s G-RAID storage device is an excellent option for those looking for impressive memory capacity in such a product. A dual-drive, USB 3.0-fitted contraption, the G-RAID is ideal for content creators such as Photoshop users or those who use video editing software like Apple Final Cut Pro. Cased in an attractive aluminium enclosure, it’s a professional-looking piece of kit that may well be worth investing in.

  1. LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt All-Terrain

LaCie is another company with a durable-first mindset, as proven through their Rugged Thunderbolt All-Terrain device. Visually striking through its orange-coloured appearance, this device is ideal for those who work “in the field” (not literally a field), as it’s protected from the elements through its shock, dust, and water-resistant design. Bolstered by Thunderbolt speeds of up to 387 MB/s for easy data-transfer, and equipped with a universal connectivity, there’ll be no need to compromise in whatever field you work in with this kind of device on your person.

  1. Western Digital My Book Live

Western Digital’s My Book Live has been around for a few years now, but it continues to be a popular option amongst consumers due to both its excellent performance and reliability as a mass storage device. Offering cloud-connecting capabilities, as well as an adept means of traditional data transfer, My Book Live is a stylish and fast piece of equipment that’ll most likely suit whatever needs you have when it comes to memory storage. Coming in either 1 or 2TB versions and fitted with an attractive, slimline design, it really is a device that’s worth looking twice at.

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