10 Of The Best Security Apps For iPhone And iPad

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Keep your iOS device safe and sound with our list of the ten best security apps for iPhone and iPad

There’s no doubt that when it comes to your beloved piece(s) of Apple merchandise you dearly prize both the device and its contents. So the last you thing that you could possibly want is to have your iPhone and/or iPad stolen by nasty thieves, or compromised by nasty hacks or viruses. That just wouldn’t be cricket, would it?

So: what to do, what to do? Well, you could consult our list of ten of the best security apps for iPhone and iPod – that really would make you feel secure and ‘Appy, wouldn’t it?

I’ll get my coat.

  1. Find My iPhone

As a devout Apple-onian, you’ll no doubt already be familiar with this handy, iOS-provided service. But just in case you’re not: you need to enable and download the Find My iPhone app right now. If your iPhone or iPad (as well as iPod Touch and Mac) goes missing, the iCloud service – which you can access either through the app or on any internet browser – will show you on a map where it’s been and where it is, allowing you, as Apple carefully words it, “to decide on your best course of action”. The inbuilt ‘Lost Mode’ function also enables you to remotely lock your device so it can’t be accessed, whilst it also gives you the option of sending your absent device a message with a contact number attached in the hope that you can be reunited. Pretty darn essential.

  1. SurfEasy VPN

Designed with your browsing needs in mind, SurfEasy’s VPN app acts as a fine security force to assist your online exploits. Safeguarding your online privacy, unblocking websites and apps, protecting your device’s safety when connected to Wi-Fi hotspots, encrypting all data in and out of your device – they’re all major headlines when it comes to the specifics of the VPN app. The free version offers coverage of up to 500MB worth of data a month, whilst the upgraded pro version (which offers unlimited data coverage) won’t stretch your wallet too far.

  1. Private Photo Vault

Afraid that your Camera Roll is susceptible to the kind of iCloud hacks that caused last year’s celebrity scandal? Downloading this photo-specific app should give you some peace of mind. Developed by Legendary Software, Private Photo Vault allows you to lock your photos and videos behind a four-digit pin code, permitting you to essentially keep some photos to yourself, away from prying eyes. There’s also a Break-In Report function that automatically takes a photo of the intruder using your phone and registers their GPS co-ordinates, revealing the location when the technological trespasser tried to access your files. The future’s fun, isn’t it?

  1. Google Authenticator


A frequent user of Gmail or Google+ on your iOS device? The Google Authenticator app may be perfect for you. Working with 2-step verification, this service requires you to enter both your password and the verification code that you set up when you download the app. Once configured, you can get verification codes without requiring either a network or phone connection – ideal for that extra piece of mind when it comes to these particular email and social services.

  1. iVault

This independent app will particularly cover your back on the multimedia front. Highly-rated on the App Store, iVault lets you add selected photos and videos to its highly-guarded archive that only you have access to through a dedicated passcode, with further passwords also available for specific folders within said archive. You can also send and share files as you wish, and, with its accessible UI, it’s a very easy and attractive service to make use of on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

  1. Lookout

Similar to Find My iPhone, Lookout attempts to go the extra mile by offering an array of extra features to the failsafe Apple service. Using the app, you can locate your iOS device from any internet-connected device (the former has its location saved before it can run out of battery), have it automatically back-up your contacts, and – if your misplacement is strictly local – trigger the inbuilt alarm system to help end your search once your device firmly embeds itself down the back of your sofa. With an additional premium service that may well be worth investing in, you can certainly put your faith in Lookout.

  1. Norton Identity Safe

This secure password manager, developed by renowned anti-virus company Norton, aims to keep the password you use on your Apple device under strict lock and key. This security app saves all your passwords from the sites and apps that you regularly use and syncs them across all of your iOS devices, ensuring that you never have to fret again about forgetting which password you use for a particular service. Bolstered by trusted protective software, this sort of app is ideal for those who want a secure place for their sensitive information to lie without fear of being compromised.

  1. iPassword

Or, if you’re not feeling Norton’s slightly more corporate approach to security matters, you can take a look at the iPassword app, developed by Tim Tim. This application will store your sensitive log-in information in one place, and can even be used to help you log into certain website and apps with a single tap – all without the need of having to remember passwords, usernames or URLs. Using an impressive-sounding military-level of encryption (AES 256-bit), it’s no wonder that this security app has become such a hit on the App Store.

  1. Hotspot Shield VPN

If you’ve a penchant for creating an internet hotspot whilst out and about, then this app may be ideal for your personal browsing needs. With over 300 million downloads in the bank, Hotspot Shield VPN claims to be the #1 security app on iOS – and now you’re wondering why you haven’t already downloaded it, aren’t you? Well, there’s still time: with capabilities to unblock a whole array of websites, provide safe and secure browsing, and prevent hacking and snooping, Hotspot Shield seems like something that we all should consider when it comes to security apps.

  1. Duo Mobile

Rounding off our list is Duo Mobile, an app that works with Duo Security’s “two-factor authentication service to make logins more secure”. That sounds reassuring, doesn’t it? Generating passcodes for login on an array of sites and services, it’s an easy-to-set-up and reliable security app that could work very nicely on your iPhone or iPad.

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