Canada To Join Five Eyes 5G Ban On Huawei/ZTE

Making it official. Canada is to turn its unofficial ban on 5G kit from Huawei and ZTE into an official…

1 month ago

US Court Ends China’s ZTE Probation

Five year US probation for Chinese telecoms firm ZTE, for selling American goods to North Korea and Iran, has been…

3 months ago

US Carriers Ask FCC for $5.6bn For Chinese Kit Replacement

US carriers ask for billions more dollars than the $1.9 billion initially offered by the US to replace all Huawei…

5 months ago

President Biden Tightens Restrictions On Huawei, ZTE

Tightening the screw. US President Joe Biden signs legislation to stop Chinese firms from receiving new equipment licences from US…

8 months ago

FCC Urged To Address Spy Risk To US Telecom Networks

American senators have urged the US communications watchdog to address surveillance threats posed by foreign firms providing services to US…

8 months ago

US Regulator Proposes More Restrictions For Huawei

Federal Communications Commission grants initial approval for rules banning new Huawei and ZTE equipment, and requiring carriers to 'rip and…

1 year ago

President Biden Halts TikTok Sale To Oracle/Walmart

TikTok's purchase by Oracle and Walmart halted indefinitely, after President Biden orders review of Chinese national security threat

1 year ago

China Urges Sweden To Reconsider Its ‘Wrong’ Huawei Ban

Beijing spokesman warns of 'negative impact' for China-Sweden trade, after Swedish watchdog bans Huawei and ZTE 5G equipment

2 years ago

Sweden Excludes Huawei, ZTE For 5G Networks

Swedish regulator cites security reasons for banning 5G telecom equipment from Huawei and ZTE, ahead of spectrum auctions

2 years ago

US Estimates £1.4bn Bill To Remove Huawei, ZTE Gear

US telecoms regulator the FCC estimates rural US carriers will face a bill of at least £1.4bn to remove Chinese…

2 years ago

Huawei, ZTE Take Largest Contracts As China Mobile Speeds 5G Rollout

Three Chinese vendors take nearly 90 percent of China Mobile awards as country accelerates its 5G rollout to battle coronavirus-induced…

2 years ago

ZTE Targeted By New US Corruption Probe

Two years after export ban that nearly destroyed ZTE, US Justice Department now reportedly involved in a new probe into…

2 years ago

MIT Cancels Huawei, ZTE Research Projects

One of the world’s top universities cuts its research ties with Huawei and ZTE, due to federal investigations

3 years ago

Japanese Government To Ban Huawei, ZTE Kit – Report

More bad news for Chinese firms as Japan government reportedly plans to halt equipment purchases

4 years ago

US Senators Demand Probe Into ZTE Work On Venezuela ID Card

The Venezuelan 'homeland card' has been accused of being used as a tool for putting pressure on voters

4 years ago

Weeks After US Ban Lifted, ZTE Production ‘Back To Normal’

ZTE is set to accelerate its investment in critical parts such as chips after the US supply embargo nearly put…

4 years ago

Huawei, ZTE Banned From Providing 5G Gear In Australia

The ban arrives amidst tighter restrictions on the Chinese telecoms equipment giants in Australia and elsewhere

4 years ago

ZTE Shares Jump As US Lifts Supplier Embargo

The Shenzhen telecoms equipment giant is set to resume trading after months in limbo

4 years ago

Xiaomi Aims To Crack US Market Where Other Chinese Giants Failed

The company is set to list shares in Hong Kong next week at a sharply reduced valuation of $54bn

4 years ago

More Troubles Ahead For ZTE After Senate Votes To Reinstate Embargo

Shares in ZTE and its US suppliers plummeted following the US Senate's vote to annul President Trump's trade deal

4 years ago

US Deal Allows China’s ZTE To Resume Business

The agreement will see ZTE pay out $1.4bn and retain a monitoring team for 10 years - but critics say…

4 years ago

Trump Administration Reaches Deal To Keep ZTE Afloat – Report

Trump lifeline. ZTE back from the dead after Trump reaches settlement deal for Chinese firm to resume business

4 years ago

ZTE Ceases Operations Due To US Ban, Despite Trump Pledge

ZTE ceases major operating activities of the company, as President Trump pledges to get ZTE back into business

4 years ago

ZTE Asks America To Lift Component Supply Ban

Chinese firm submits application to US department asking for ban on software and components to be lifted

4 years ago

ZTE Claims Survival At Risk Due To US Sales Ban

Chinese firm claims its survival is at risk after US officials banned the sale of components to the firm

4 years ago

NCSC Warns ZTE Poses ‘Risk To UK National Security’

ZTE equipment should not be widely deployed in UK networks as it poses a 'risk of external interference'

4 years ago

US Intelligence Bosses Warn Against Huawei Smartphones

Directors of the CIA, FBI, NSA urge consumers not to purchase Huawei smartphones or ZTE kit

4 years ago

Who Are China’s Biggest Technology Companies?

China is a bastion of giant tech firms from Huawei and ZTE to Xiaomi and Alibaba

6 years ago

MWC 2016: Why ZTE Is Ready To Go Global

ZTE says its new Blade smartphones and a smart projector could be just what it needs to expand beyond its…

6 years ago

ZTE’s Next Phone Could Feature Some Frankly Ridiculous Power

Leaked specs for the ZTE Nubia Z9 suggest super-powerful specs... or a typo

7 years ago