DuckDuckGo Search Engine Grows 46 Percent In 2021

Privacy focused search engine DuckDuckGo enjoys record growth in 2021, reflecting people's ongoing preference for privacy

3 weeks ago

Yahoo Pulls Out Of China, Citing Challenging Restrictions

Western tech exodus continues. Yahoo becomes latest American tech firm to pull its services from China, amid new restrictive laws

3 months ago

Verizon Sells Internet Icons AOL, Yahoo

Expensive ownership of Internet icons AOL and Yahoo comes to an end, after Verizon announces sale to private equity group

9 months ago

Former Yahoo Engineer Hacked Accounts For User Porn

Reyes Daniel Ruiz pleads guilty after hacking 6,000 accounts, targetting younger women, to search for porn

2 years ago

Verizon To Retire Yahoo Messenger

Out with the old...twenty years after it was first launched, Yahoo Messenger is to be retired in mid July

4 years ago

Yahoo Admits 2013 Data Breach Impacted All 3 Billion Accounts

Yahoo now admits that devastating data breach compromised accounts that nearly equal half of the world's population

4 years ago

Yahoo Open Sources Daytona Testing Framework

Testing, testing...Yahoo releases automated performance testing and analysis platform Daytona to open source

5 years ago

Yahoo’s Lack Of Cooperation Is Slammed By German Cyber Agency

BSI chief recommends German users consider switch switching to other email providers

5 years ago

Yahoo Woes Continue As Hackers Access 32 Million Accounts Using Forged Cookies

Yahoo regulatory filing reveals continued impacts of mass security failings

5 years ago

Verizon Shaves Off $350m From Yahoo Purchase After Massive Data Breaches

The telecoms giant will share the cost of lawsuits levied at Yahoo following the cyber attacks it suffered

5 years ago

Yahoo Issues Fresh Warning About Compromised Accounts

Does it ever end? Yahoo issues fresh warning to users after disastrous data breach

5 years ago

Yahoo Data Breach ‘Affects 3,000 Australian Government Figures’

Australian media have identified government officials, MPs, judges and high-ranking federal police amongst those affected

5 years ago

Yahoo To Become Altbaba And Marissa Mayer Will Step Down After Verizon Takeover

Yahoo's boss is to step down from the board after its acquisition by Verizon, and remaining shell entity to be…

5 years ago

Yahoo Suffers Biggest Data Breach In History With A Billion Accounts Hacked

Another major data breach could torpedo Yahoo’s acquisition by Verizon

5 years ago

KFC Website Hack Leaks Customer Data

Clucking Hell: Another data breach shows online security needs some cooking

5 years ago

Yahoo Investigates Cookie Powered Password Bypass Hack

The scope of knowledge Yahoo's staff had of the 2014 data breach is also under scrutiny

5 years ago

WhatsApp Warned Over Data Sharing Policy Change

European regulators demand halt to user data transfer by WhatsApp, and contact Yahoo over breach and spying issue

5 years ago

Yahoo Calls For US Intelligence To Declassify Email Surveillance Order

UPDATED: The email giant wants the US government to publish the order so it can accurately respond to claims it…

5 years ago

US Legislators Demand Briefing On Yahoo Email Scan

Lawmakers want to judge the legality of intelligence services' access to Yahoo Mail

5 years ago

Yahoo Hack: Verizon Could Withdraw From $4.83 Billion Acquisition Deal

Verizon believes Yahoo's massive data breach by hackers does give it reason to walk away from its acquisition

5 years ago

Yahoo ‘Temporarily’ Disables Email Forwarding As Users Seek To Flee

The change makes it more difficult for email users to switch away from the embattled company

5 years ago

Yahoo Hack: Eastern European Blackhats Responsible For The Massive Data Breach

Cyber security firm InfoArmor says criminal hackers for hire are to blame for the Yahoo hack in 2014

5 years ago

Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer Slammed By US Senators Over ‘Unacceptable’ Delay To Handling Data Leak

The fallout from the hack of Yahoo continues, with US senators lambasting firm's handling of incident

5 years ago

Yahoo Certificate Security Is ‘Still Poor’ Despite Hack

Research finds that Yahoo has still not taken steps to improve its certificate security and encryption, despite massive data breach

5 years ago

Yahoo, LinkedIn, Apple iCloud: 10 Big Data Breaches

Data breaches from hack attacks continue to get bigger and bolder but which of these do you remember?

5 years ago

What Should You Do After Massive Yahoo Hack?

ANALYSIS: Hackers have stolen details of 500m Yahoo accounts. Here's what you should do and what businesses should do next

5 years ago

Sky And BT Email Users Are Caught Up In Yahoo Password Hack

Sky and BT email users on the Yahoo Mail platform are urged to reset their passwords following data breach

5 years ago

Yahoo ‘Aware’ Of Data Breach Claim

Yahoo said it is investigating reports that 200 million users' data is being sold online

5 years ago

Verizon Acquires Yahoo’s Core Business For £3.86 Billion

Yahoo's core assets finally sold off as Mayer claims: 'Yahoo is a company that has changed the world'

5 years ago