Coronavirus: Xerox Ends Hostile Takeover Bid For HP

Setback for Carl? Printer maker Xerox cites Coronavirus pandemic 'turmoil' as reason for withdrawing $35 billion bid for HP

6 months ago

Coronavirus: HP Laments Xerox Hostile Bid Amid Pandemic

HP has written to its shareholders to argue that now is not the time for an unsolicited takeover, with Xerox's…

6 months ago

HP Implements Punitive CEO Pay Off To Discourage Xerox

Another poison pill tactic to discourage Xerox's advances, sees HP management implementing a stiff pay out for CEO, post-takeover

6 months ago

HP Rejects Xerox’s Sweetened Takeover Offer

Still a firm no. HP's board of directors tell Carl Icahn and Xerox that their $35 billion takeover offer still…

7 months ago

Xerox Launches Bid To Acquire All Outstanding HP Shares

Fight, fight, fight. Printer maker Xerox launches its official tender offer for all outstanding shares in PC giant HP

7 months ago

HP $15 Billion Share Buyback To Thwart Xerox Advances

HP board announces 'financial value creation plan' that will see it buy back billions in shares, to defeat Xerox's offer…

7 months ago

Xerox Increases Hostile Takeover Offer For HP

Show me the money! In effort to tempt HP shareholders, Xerox increases its hostile takeover offer from $33.5 billion to…

7 months ago

HP Board Once Again Rejects Xerox’s Advances

We are still not interested. HP's board of directors once again rejects an unsolicited takeover approach from Xerox, saying it…

8 months ago

Xerox Approaches HP Shareholders With Hostile Takeover

Xerox has approached HP's shareholders directly with its proposal that includes redundancies and asset sales, to tempt them with cash…

9 months ago

Xerox Readies Hostile Takeover Approach For HP

A bitter fight is looking increasingly likely, as HP board refuses to open books in response to Xerox demand, after…

10 months ago

Xerox Threatens Hostile Takeover After HP Rejects Offer

Xerox has said that HP must respond by 25 November or it will launch a hostile bid, after HP rejected…

10 months ago

Icahn Takes Stake in HP, Urges Xerox Merger – Report

Activist investor Carl Icahn acquires $1.2 billion stake in HP and reportedly urges merger with Xerox

10 months ago

FujiFilm Takes Control Of Struggling Xerox

End of an era for American tech titan as Xerox is combined with a joint venture it has with Japan's…

3 years ago

Tales In Tech History: The Fax Machine

Take that Alexander Graham Bell! Faxes are older than the telephone, as the ability to send images over a wire…

3 years ago

Tales In Tech History: The Computer Mouse

A block of wood, a button and a few rollers transformed the way users interacted with their computers

4 years ago

Xerox Confirms Company Split, Denies Icahn Pressure

End of an era for tech titan as Xerox reveals it will split into two companies, but denies Icahn was…

5 years ago

Xerox Thinks Vertical For Automated Document Management

Paving the way to the paperless office, Xerox unveils new industry-specific workflow automation services, cloud document management offerings and apps

5 years ago

Xerox Sells Outsourcing Business For £670m

Atos set to triple in size in US, Xerox wants to focus of 'faster growing' divisions

6 years ago

Goodnight From Us? The Rise Of Computer Generated Journalism

Technology is changing journalism beyond recognition, says Matthias Galle

7 years ago

Xerox To Issue Patch For Faulty Printer Scans

Xerox printers have been changing numbers in scanned documents. A software patch is on its way

7 years ago

Xerox: How Research Can Make Services Green

Xerox Research gets to work on efficiency for its growing services business, says Tom Blodgett

8 years ago

Xerox Shows Progress In Machine Vision And Understanding: Gallery

Green technologies and machine vision were on display at the Xerox Research Centre in Grenoble

8 years ago

Xerox Releases Greener Multifunction Printers

Xerox has released the 5300 Series multifunction printers that promise reduced power consumption

9 years ago

Print Manage Focus For HP And Xerox Acquisitions

Xerox buys a UK company and HP stalks in the US to expand their respective managed print services

9 years ago

Cisco, Xerox Put Mobile Printing Into The Cloud

Cisco and Xerox are teaming up to allow businesses to print from any device to any printer via the cloud

9 years ago

Xerox Debuts Greener colorQube Solid-Ink Printers

Xerox claims lower energy and less waste than laser printers as it launches two solid-ink ColorQube printers

10 years ago

Xerox Talks Green With New Colour Printers

Xerox is touting the energy-saving features of its new product line of colour multi function printers

10 years ago

Xerox Looks To Print Cost Reduction With New Solutions

Xerox is touting the ability of its new upcoming applications and services to help organisations reduce their printing costs

10 years ago

Intel Co-founder Dies Of Heart Failure

Max Palevsky, who invested it in a startup that would become Intel, has died of heart failure at the age…

10 years ago

Dell Expands Printer Portfolio

Dell has released eight new printer models, as the PC maker looks to take the fight to the likes of…

10 years ago