Some Laptops For Vulnerable Children Contain Malware – Report

A small number of laptops handed out by the Department for Education to vulnerable children, reportedly contain malware linked to…

1 year ago

French Cyber Police Takedown Paris-based Botnet

C3N cybercrime unit, along with the FBI and Avast, take down French botnet that infected 850,000 computers

2 years ago

Destructive 15-Year-Old Worm Still Infecting New Systems

MyDoom worm disabled Google 15 years ago and continues to take over more computers via infected emails, finds Palo Alto…

2 years ago

Bluekeep: NSA Warns Windows Users To Update And Upgrade

Cyber attack risk if you don't patch or upgrade to newer operating systems, warns American spy agency

3 years ago

Malware Riddled Laptop Sells For $1.3m

Eleven year old laptop containing six infamous viruses has been auctioned off for more than $1m as a piece of…

3 years ago

Fast-Spreading Botnet Infects Android Gadgets For Crypto-Mining

A botnet that surfaced over the weekend spread to thousands of smartphones and set-top boxes in the first hours of…

4 years ago

Tales In Tech History: ‘I Love You’ Virus

The 'I love you' worm had a devastating impact on computer networks worldwide seventeen years ago

5 years ago

EternalRocks Worm Exploits 7 NSA Hacking Tools

Cyber security researchers have identified a potential WannaCry successor

5 years ago

Hacker Releases More South Korean Nuclear Data

Nuclear operator insists leaked secrets, including blueprints of reactor, are not 'classified material'

7 years ago

10 Hacker Horror Stories

To mark Friday the 13th, we've put together ten of the most horrifying hacker stories from history.

7 years ago

Nuclear Plant Discovers Worm Infection

Malware has been discovered in a device connected to the control systems of a nuclear power plant in South Korea

7 years ago

Worm Burrows Into Storage Servers Via Shellshock Flaw

System administrators who have not patched their storage servers for the Shellshock flaw may have given online attackers a backdoor…

7 years ago

World’s First Digital Animal Created In Robot Body

Is the world's first digital replica of an animal either a dog, cat, or a more exotic animal?

7 years ago

Huge Patch Tuesday Update Tackles Critical Bugs

Experts urge Windows users to download the mammoth Patch Tuesday update immediately

7 years ago

Linux Worm Targeting Internet Of Things Discovered

Symantec finds malware that appears to be targeting routers, set-top boxes and security cameras

8 years ago

Microsoft ‘Oversight’ Helped Flame Spread

A Microsoft "oversight" in 2009 was a notable factor in the spread of the pernicious Flame worm

10 years ago

Flame Is More Than Just FUD

Ignore the sceptics. The Flame worm is significant for what is says as much as what it does, argues Tom…

10 years ago

Iran Claims Flame Caused ‘Massive’ Data Loss

Iran says Flame caused significant data loss as the UN puts out a warning for member states

10 years ago

Mikko Hypponen: Flame Worm Another ‘Failure’ For Security Industry

Hypponen says he's disappointed by the security industry's inability to track down 'super-weapon' Flame sooner

10 years ago

Flame Cyber ‘Super-Weapon’ Caught Firing On Iran

Flame may be the most sophisticated cyber weapon ever seen. Thanks to Iran, fingers are already pointed at nation states

10 years ago

Microsoft Warns Of Ongoing Conficker Infections

Microsoft has blamed weak passwords and unpatched systems for the ongoing Conficker infections

10 years ago

Symantec Warns Of New Duqu Variant In Wild

Security vendor Symantec is warning that it has discovered a new version of the Duqu worm in the wild

10 years ago

Facebook Ramnit Worm Variant Stole UK Log-In Credentials, Report Claims

The latest version of the Ramnit worm steals Facebook credentials and spams friends instead of relying on email

10 years ago

Iran Fights Off Duqu Malware Attack

Iran confirmed its government systems were attacked by the Duqu worm, but says all is under control

10 years ago

Microsoft Issues Temp Duqu Workaround

Microsoft stepped outside its usual Patch Tuesday routine and issued a temporary Duqu workaround

10 years ago

‘Morto’ Worm Invades Via Weak Windows Passwords

A new worm targeting Windows Remote Desktop Protocol is attacking weak admin passwords like 'letmein'

10 years ago

AutoRun Worms Targeted By Latest Windows Updates

Microsoft has pushed out an update via its Windows Server Update Service to shut out AutoRun malware

11 years ago

Twitter Bird Catches Anti-Virus Scam Worm

A worm spreading rogue URLs has hit Twitter, seeking to con users into downloading fake anti-virus software

11 years ago