NY AG Seeks Overseer For Amazon Worker Safety

New York's attorney general asks US judge to appoint someone who will oversee worker safety at Amazon, and to force…

2 days ago

Amazon Targetted With Employee Rights Claim For UK Drivers

After Uber decision, another legal action is launched that could impact the gig economy with Amazon drivers seeking employee rights

2 months ago

Uber Recognises GMB Trade Union In Historic Move

Another noteworthy gig economy change. Months after Uber granted British drivers workers rights, the firm recognises GMB trade union

6 months ago

Amazon Executive Fires Back At US Senator Visit To Alabama Workers

Amazon executive hits out at US Senator Bernie Sanders, who plans to visit with workers in Alabama during their historic…

8 months ago

Uber Agrees To Minimum Wage, Holiday Pay After Court Ruling

Major development for gig economy after Uber agrees to minimum wage, holiday pay and pensions for its 'self-employed' drivers

9 months ago

President Biden Backs Amazon Worker Union Ballot

US President lends his support to Amazon workers in Alabama trying to organise a vote on a trade union, and…

9 months ago

EU Opens Consultation On Gig Economy Worker Rights

After UK's top court rules Uber drivers are workers, European Commission begins consultation on gig economy worker rights

9 months ago

UK Court Rules Uber Drivers Are Workers

UK Supreme Court rules Uber drivers are workers, not self employed contractors, in major intervention in the British 'gig economy'

10 months ago

Amazon Appeals US Labor Ruling Over Union Vote

American workers at Amazon US fulfilment centre face fight over mail-in vote to approve staff unionisation

10 months ago

Amazon Faces Union Challenge In Alabama

Workers at Amazon fulfilment centre in Alabama are to be balloted over joining union, which would be a first for…

11 months ago

California Approves Gig Economy ‘Contractor’ Vote

Blow for state legislators. Californians have voted to allow gig workers to remain as 'contractors', and not be classified as…

1 year ago

Amazon Workers In German Strike On ‘Prime’ Day

German trade union Verdi urges workers to conduct two day strike over pay and conditions during Amazon 'Prime Day' sales…

1 year ago

Coronavirus: Amazon Offers Staff Unlimited Sick Days

Workers at Amazon can take unlimited sick days in March in an effort to try and stem the Coronavirus pandemic…

2 years ago

Google Staffer Claims She Was Fired Over Worker Rights

Security engineer claims she was fired for Chrome popup about the protection of worker rights at the search engine giant

2 years ago

Microsoft Japan Tests Four Day Week

Productivity jumps by 40 percent after Microsoft tests the benefits of working a four day week

2 years ago

Google Allegedly Developing ‘Spy Tool’ To Use On Staff – Report

Relationship between Google staff and management sinks to new low after worker surveillance allegation

2 years ago

Enterprises Need To Consider The Human Cost Of Blanket Digital Transformation

OPINION: The speed of change could leave thousands out of work and without the right skills

5 years ago

Apple Faces Fresh Chinese Labour Allegations

The iPhone maker is 'deeply offended' over Chinese labour allegations made in an undercover BBC Panorama investigation

7 years ago

Amazon Germany Threatened With More Strike Action

German staff at the online retail giant Amazon are to strike again over a long-running pay dispute

8 years ago

Amazon Hits Back At Undercover Worker Criticisms

Amazon hits back at working condition allegations made by an undercover reporter in a Swansea warehouse

8 years ago

Apple’s Next iPhone Sparks Fresh Worker Abuse Allegations

Ahead of the launch next week of its new cheap iPhone, Apple faces fresh worker violation claims

8 years ago

Microsoft Reassures Jittery Staff After Ballmer Announcement

Microsoft reassures its workforce spooked by Steve Ballmer's upcoming retirement and the company reorganisation

8 years ago

AOL Boss Apologises For Firing Worker In Public

You're Fired - Tim Armstrong, says sorry for public sacking, but the dismissal stands

8 years ago

Cisco To Axe 4,000 Staff Despite Positive Results

Cisco confirms it will once again trim its workforce, despite reporting solid financial results

8 years ago

IBM To Cut Costs With Worker Furlough

The belt tightening at IBM continues with hardware staff taking a furlough week on reduced pay

8 years ago

Yahoo’s Mayer Discusses Home Worker Ban

The boss of Yahoo has discussed her controversial changes to the company's remote working policy

9 years ago

Foxconn Xbox 360 Workers Threatened Mass Suicide Bid

Tech maker Foxconn has to negotiate with Xbox 360 workers who had threatened a "mass suicide"

10 years ago

Foxconn To Replace Workers With Robots

The iPhone maker Foxconn is replacing a significant portion of its workforce with robots

10 years ago

Unite Members Opt To Strike At Fujitsu Crewe Plant

Fujitsu staff have voted to walk out of strike because of the alleged unfair treatment of a trade unionist

10 years ago