Storyblok Headless CMS

With CX now firmly driving all aspects of business, embracing the benefits of headless CMS could be a massive opportunity…

2 weeks ago

GoDaddy Confirms Data Breach Of 1.2 Million Customers

Unauthorised access of customer's WordPress installations, results in the data of 1.2 million GoDaddy customers being accessed

6 months ago

Hacker Group Looks To Gain Control Over Vulnerable WordPress Sites

Attack that began in July takes on new form as hackers begin creating rogue administrator accounts on unpatched sites

3 years ago

WordPress 4.7.3 Updates For Six Security Issues

The open-source WordPress blogging and content management system fixes six vulnerabilities, including three Cross Site Scripting flaws

5 years ago

WordPress Security Vulnerability Leads To 1.5 Million Web Pages Being Defaced

WordPress rushed to fix the flaw but hackers speedily exploited the flaw

5 years ago

WordPress Quietly Fixes Zero-Day Flaw

Shhh. Serious zero-day vulnerability quietly patched, after WordPress intentionally delayed disclosure of the flaw

5 years ago

WordPress.com Rolling Out Free HTTPS Encryption

All custom domains hosted by WordPress.com are to receive the free security upgrade

6 years ago

The Independent’s Blog Section Hit By Ransomware Attack

Millions of Independent readers at risk of being infected with ransomware

6 years ago

Malware Campaign Hits Reader’s Digest

The latest malware campaign aimed at WordPress websites has infected Reader's Digest among others

6 years ago

WordPress Unpatched XSS Bug Discovered

The latest vulnerability arrives days after WordPress was updated to fix a similar flaw

7 years ago

WordPress Disconnects Unpatched Sites

In a continuing effort to secure hundreds of millions of users, WordPress.com is disconnecting self-hosted sites that haven't updated the…

7 years ago

SoakSoak Malware Attacks WordPress Sites

Over 100,000 WordPress sites have been infected by vulnerable third-party plug-in that many may not even realise they are running

7 years ago

Critical WordPress Plugin Bug Was Ignored By Developers

Any website using the Custom Contact Forms plugin should apply a patch as soon as possible

8 years ago

Warning Over Fake WordPress ‘Patched’ Plugins

Dodgy add-ons masquerading as patched versions of plug-ins

8 years ago

Over 160,000 WordPress Sites Used In DDoS Attacks

WordPress pingback feature exploited for attack amplification to knock a WordPress site offline

8 years ago

WordPress 3.8 Update Delivers New Look

The new version of the popular content management system WordPress delivers a new look admin panel

8 years ago

WordPress.Com Owner Automattic Buys Sharing Platform Cloudup

Matt Mullenweg's firm confirms biggest acquisition ever, plans to offer collaborative posting

9 years ago

WordPress Co-Founder: Biggest Acquisition Ever And Security Boost Incoming

Matt Mullenweg tells TechWeekEurope WordPress is planning to splash the cash on its largest ever acquisition and bolster its small…

9 years ago

WordPress Update Fixes Three Security Vulnerabilities

A new update of the popular WordPress blogging platform tackles a number of security issues

9 years ago

Why Your CMS Is A Hacker’s Dream Come True

CMSs are easy to attack, but there are ways to at least try to fend off attackers, says Imperva's Barry…

9 years ago

Millions At Risk From Critical Vulnerabilities In WordPress Plugins

Millions of sites could contain serious flaws, security firm warns

9 years ago

WordPress Sites Take Brute Force Battering

WordPress says security firms are hyping tales of attacks

9 years ago

AMD Blogs Hacked By R00tbeer Group

But no customer data has been compromised

10 years ago

Rogue Antivirus Campaign Targets WordPress

Bloggers hve been hit by an attack on Wordpress that tricks users into downloading fake AV software

10 years ago

Is the European Commission Helping or Hindering Tech Entrepreneurs?

Techweek Europe asks Drupal inventor Dries Buytaert about his platform, its strong European following and his view on venture capitalism…

10 years ago

WordPress Admits Hackers Stole Source Code

Hackers have stolen “sensitive bits” of source code after accessing several WordPress.com servers

11 years ago

Massive DDoS Attack Puts Squeeze On WordPress

Blogging platform WordPress was hit by a massive denial of service attack affecting a number of A-list sites

11 years ago

WordPress Grows Up with 3.0: Review

WordPress 3.0 is more powerful and flexible than previous versions, but has lost some of the simplicity that made it…

12 years ago