Microsoft Donates Historic Operating System Source Code

Microsoft donates the source code for two iconic products, namely early versions of MS-DOS and Word for Windows

6 years ago

Judge Rules Microsoft Did Not Kill Novell WordPerfect

After eight years in court, the WordPerfect case is thrown out

7 years ago

Jury Deciding Verdict In Microsoft-Novell WordPerfect Lawsuit

Microsoft and Novell await jury’s verdict in their long-running court case

8 years ago

Bill Gates to Testify in Novell Case

Bill Gates is to testify in court over Novell's allegation that Microsoft unfairly crushed WordPerfect

8 years ago

Microsoft May Get WordPerfect Patents From Novell

No official word, but it looks like Microsoft is getting out of a long-running lawsuit as a result of the…

9 years ago

Review: WordPerfect Office Is Far From Perfect

WordPerfect Office X5 suite provides a good experience overall, punctuated with periodic intense aggravation

10 years ago