Windows Mobile

Microsoft Pulls The Plug On Windows 10 Mobile

The day that Windows Mobile died. No more support or bug fixes, as Microsoft finally calls time on mobile OS…

2 months ago

Bill Gates Claims Windows Mobile Could Have Beaten Android

Windows Phone predecessor operating system, should have been the leading mobile OS, not Android, if not for DoJ antitrust probe…

3 months ago

Windows 10 On Course To Arrive On ARM Chipset Soon

Too little, too late for Windows Phone, but Microsoft says Windows 10 is almost ready for ARM processors

2 years ago

Tales In Tech History: Windows Phone

Windows Phone is officially dead, but it was much loved by those that used it. Why did it fail and…

3 years ago

Windows Phone Users Grill Microsoft’s Satya Nadella On Mobile Strategy

What are you doing Satya? Microsoft boss faces shareholder questions over Redmond's mobile strategy

3 years ago

Tales In Tech History: Windows Mobile

Before the Windows Phone and Nokia debacle, Microsoft struggled to gain critical mass with Windows Mobile

3 years ago

Leeds City Council Opens Doors To BYOD Trend

Leeds City Council has embraced the BYOD trend after it opted to become agnostic to mobile handsets

8 years ago

Microsoft To Close App Store For Elderly Windows Mobile

Microsoft is to close the app store for the aging Windows Mobile operating system within the next two months

8 years ago

Is Windows Phone About To Fragment?

Microsoft could be spreading the Windows Phone platform too thin says Nicholas Kolakowski

8 years ago

RIM And Microsoft Bets Will Bring Radical Change

Radical bets on mobile strategy by Research In Motion and Microsoft could alter the 2012 smartphone scene, says Nicholas Kolakowski

8 years ago