Microsoft Launches ‘Cloud PC’ Service With Windows 365

True device independence? Microsoft users can now stream their Windows operating system onto an Apple Mac, tablet, or smartphone

6 months ago

Apple’s Siri No Longer Uses Female Voice By Default

Apple ends default choice of female voice for Siri, as Microsoft pulls plug on Cortana for Android and iOS

10 months ago

Windows 10 ‘Sun Valley’ Promises Major Overhaul

OS refresh. Major update to six year old Windows 10 operating system, dubbed Sun Valley, is expected in October/November this…

11 months ago

Microsoft To ‘Reinvigorate’ Windows 10 User Interface – Report

New look and feel for Windows 10 is reportedly on the way, as part of a major revamp of the…

1 year ago

Researchers Uncover Stuxnet-Style Flaw In Windows

The zero-day vulnerability affects the same Windows component used by Stuxnet to attack critical infrastructure when it was first appeared…

1 year ago

Microsoft Uncovers ‘Massive’ Pandemic-Themed Phishing Campaign

Scam emails use Excel spreadsheets containing Covid-19 data as a lure, then execute malicious macros that give attackers control over…

2 years ago

Nvidia Patches High-Risk Flaws In Windows Drivers

Nvidia's GeForce Experience also affected by locally exploitable flaws, which could allow code execution, escalation of privilege or denial of…

2 years ago

Microsoft Rolls Back Windows 10 Change That Caused Audio Glitches

Issue is an embarrassment for Microsoft, whose recent Windows 10 bug-fixes have been plagued with problems of their own

2 years ago

Nvidia Patches High-Risk Flaws In Windows Display Drivers

Bugs in GeForce, Quadro, NVS, and Tesla drivers could allow local code execution, denial of service or escalation fo security…

2 years ago

Microsoft Puts Amazon’s Alexa On Windows 10 Lock Screen

Feature arrives in a test Windows 10 build aimed for final release later this year, along with enterprise and security…

3 years ago

Researchers Release Micropatch For ‘BlueKeep’ Critical Windows Flaw

The bug has been compared to the 'EternalBlue' vulnerability behind WannaCry, NotPetya and other worldwide malware outbreaks

3 years ago

Microsoft Says Windows 7 Activation Bug Was Caused By Server Update

The issue, affecting some volume-licensed Windows 7 systems, occurred at the same time as the release of Microsoft's January patches,…

3 years ago

Poisoned BitTorrent Client Hits 400,000 Windows PCs With Malware

Attackers used a counterfeit software update to launch the massive Windows malware campaign

4 years ago

Intel Promises New Processors To Fix Meltdown, Spectre Vulnerabilities

ANALYSIS: Intel CEO Brian Krzanich confirmed chips without Meltdown and Spectre are in 2018 but questions continue about a rumored…

4 years ago

Microsoft Cuts Windows Server Core Containers Down To Size

Downloads of base Windows Server Core containers are 30 percent smaller than before in preview build 17079

4 years ago

Barcelona Aims To Oust Microsoft In Open Source Drive

The Catalonian capital is aiming to supplant proprietary software including Outlook, Office and Internet Explorer by the spring of next…

4 years ago

How To Fix Windows Registry Issues That Halt Microsoft Security Updates

ANALYSIS: Microsoft is halting all security updates on Windows systems with badly-behaved antivirus products. But you can fix this problem

4 years ago

Microsoft Windows 10 Gets Delayed Timeline Feature

Software giant reveals what features get added to Windows 10 and what is still has to fix and improve

4 years ago

‘Always Connected’ Windows 10 PCs Promise Gigabit LTE & All-Day Battery

Microsoft and Qualcomm show off the first Windows 10 'Always Connected' PCs, claiming they will change world of IT just…

4 years ago

Windows 10 Diary: Microsoft Adds ‘Near Share’ Wireless File Sharing

Windows 10 Diary: Microsoft Adds 'Near Share' Wireless File Sharing

4 years ago

Windows Trick ‘Can Spread Malware Through Outlook Emails’

The unpatched security vulnerability allows attackers to use a Windows code-sharing feature to trigger malware using formatted Outlook messages

4 years ago

Tech Quiz: Microsoft In 2017

We've been speaking to Microsoft about enterprise mobility, devices, sports and the future this month. So test your knowledge here!

4 years ago

Microsoft ‘Did Not Disclose 2013 Breach Of Bug Database’

In the incident, which Microsoft described at the time as limited, hackers reportedly accessed the company's internal database of unfixed…

4 years ago

Microsoft Edge Mobile Arrives On iOS And Android

Microsoft releases Edge Mobile and launches a preview for its Android launcher

4 years ago

The ThinkPad At 25: How One Business PC Became An Industry Icon

The Thinkpad laptop celebrates its 25th birthday, but how did it become one of IBM's, and now Lenovo's, most successful…

4 years ago

Toshiba’s Protégé X20W-D Business Ultrabook Is Tough And Reliable

REVIEW: This laptop is built for business travel as well as for work in the office. It comes with the…

4 years ago

Avast CCleaner Utility ‘Installed Malware’ For One Month

The popular utility CCleaner was apparently accessed by hackers and made to distribute malware during the month to mid-September, researchers…

4 years ago

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Gives More Control Over Privacy & App Permissions

Microsoft makes moves to improve Windows 10 reputation for privacy in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

4 years ago

Microsoft Shrinks Size Of Windows Nano Server Container Images

Final preview of Windows Server sports smaller Nano Server images and improved support for container orchestration tools

4 years ago