Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft Pulls The Plug On Windows 10 Mobile

The day that Windows Mobile died. No more support or bug fixes, as Microsoft finally calls time on mobile OS…

2 months ago

Microsoft Finally Signals End Of Windows Phone

Windows 10 Mobile diehards have just over 360 days to switch to Android or iOS, before Redmond pulls support

1 year ago

WhatsApp Halts Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry OS Support

WhatsApp announces it is pulling the plug on Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry OS

2 years ago

Microsoft Stops Work On Windows 10 Mobile Features & Hardware

Joe Belfiore says it will continue to support Windows 10 Mobile users with patches but its the end for new…

2 years ago

Tales In Tech History: Windows Phone

Windows Phone is officially dead, but it was much loved by those that used it. Why did it fail and…

3 years ago

10 Of The Best Business Apps For Windows 10 Mobile

Silicon has a rundown of apps to maker your mobile a Windows 10 productivity suite

3 years ago

Only Select Phones Will Get Windows 10 Creators Update

When the mobile OS update begins to roll out on April 25, owners of some older Windows Phones may find…

3 years ago

Windows 10 Creators Update Will Come To Mobile After PC

Sorry Windows phone users, you'll have to wait to get your hands on Microsoft's impending Windows 10 update

3 years ago

Skype For Windows Phone Ends ‘Early 2017’

Microsoft reveals final resting date of native Skype client as Skype-for-the-cloud marches forward with Windows 10 Mobile

4 years ago

Microsoft: We’re Still ‘Committed’ To Windows 10 Mobile

Leaked email from devices head reassures Microsoft employees about roadmap for Windows 10 Mobile smartphones despite plummeting sales

4 years ago