Google Eemshaven Data Centre Powered By Dutch Windmills

Google flashes its impressive green credentials with a data centre powered 100 percent by Dutch windmills

8 years ago

Google Boosts Wind Power With Texas Investment

Eric Schmidt's outfit pumps money into renewable energy

9 years ago

Are Data Centres Going The Wrong Way On Green Power?

Peter Judge asks why data centres are switching to renewable energy, just as the government may be backing away from…

11 years ago

Can Energy Scavenging Save The World?

Ambient heat, light, sound and radio can all be harnessed to power devices. It is well worth doing, says Peter…

11 years ago

Project Aims To Use Renewable Energy For DC PODs

AMD and HP are joining a New York agency and university to investigate wind and solar power for data centres

11 years ago

Google Ploughs £70m Into World’s Largest Wind Farm

Google has followed its solar investments with funding for a giant wind farm

11 years ago

Cell Tower Combines Solar And Wind Power

A mobile phone base station from Alcatel Lucent could reduce the carbon footprint of networks by combining renewable energy sources

12 years ago

Google Invests In Wind Energy For Cleaner Future

Search giant Google has put over £25 million into turbine farms in one of the most wind efficient areas of…

12 years ago