WIlliam Hague

GCHQ Names Robert Hannigan As New Boss

A Foreign Office Mandarin has been named as the new chief of Britain's eavesdropping service, GCHQ

8 years ago

Hague ‘Fails To Provide PRISM Reassurances’

Hague accused of failing to come clean on vital questions surrounding the US operation

9 years ago

Hague Puts £500k-A-Year Cyber Security Centre In Oxford

Oxford facility will work on how to protect infrastructure from cyber threats

9 years ago

UK Signs Up To Cyber Resilience Initiative In Davos

Hague signs agreement at World Economic Forum Annual Meeting

9 years ago

Hague Announces Spook Apprenticeships At Bletchley Park

The Foreign secretary has used a visit to Bletchley Park to announce an apprenticeship scheme for the next generation of…

10 years ago

Hague To Splash £2m A Year On International Cyber Security Centre

Hague announces Centre for Global Cyber-Security Capacity Building as he calls on nations to work together to fight cyber threat

10 years ago

Hague Pressured Over Iranian Phone Tracking Tools

A British company with links to Wiliam Hague, sold mobile phone tracking software to Iran

11 years ago

Hague: Open Internet On A Par With Climate Change

Foreign Secretary says preserving online rights is as important as tackling poverty or climate change

11 years ago

Privacy Advocates Urge UK Gov To Protect Rights Online

A group of privacy campaigners is calling for clearer online rights, ahead of today's cyber security conference

11 years ago

London Cyber-Rules Conference Set For November

The Foreign Office will host an international event to discuss how governments should act in cyber space

11 years ago