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ByteDance Majority Stake Puts Oracle-TikTok Deal At Risk – Report

Plan to keep majority stake in TikTok, will hinder White House approval reports suggest, as ByteDance warns China will also…

2 months ago

White House Reviewing Oracle TikTok Deal

Trump administration says it is reviewing TikTok's 'technology partner' deal with Oracle, and its Trump supporter Larry Ellison

2 months ago

Trump Administration Pledges $1 Billion For AI, Quantum Computing Research

White House pledges $1 billion for research push in the United States into artificial intelligence (AI), 5G and quantum computing

3 months ago

Trump Administration Announces 5G Spectrum Auction

5G growth. The White House has announced a spectrum auction to strengthen “the United States’ leadership in 5G communications”

4 months ago

Democrat Senators Demand Answers Over TSMC US Factory

Trump administration faces call from Democrat US senators to provide answers about undisclosed subsidies for TSMC factory in US

6 months ago

Pentagon Inspector Unable To Say If White House Influenced JEDI Decision

Investigation into JEDI contract award to Amazon unable to determine if President Trump's White House influenced the decision

7 months ago

CES 2020: Rules To Govern AI Proposed By White House

US administration also wants European nations to adhere to rules over the development and use of artificial intelligence (AI)

11 months ago

Mark Zuckerberg Meets President Trump And Other Lawmakers

Mending fences? Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg meets President Trump and other US lawmakers

1 year ago

White House Condemns Russia For NotPetya Ransomware Attack

American officials warn of 'international consequences' for Russia because of NotPetya ransomware attack

3 years ago

Washington Elites Use Secure Messaging Apps To Keep Or Leak Secrets

Two secure messaging apps that discourage snooping - Confide and Signal - are doing the rounds in Washington

4 years ago

Intel CEO Confirms Arizona Factory In Trump’s Office

Chip giant CEO uses Oval Office visit to confirm plans to open previously shelved Arizona factory

4 years ago

White House Releases Report Preparing For AI Future

Job losses and changing skill requirements are two of the possible negative economic impacts

4 years ago

US Government Believes AI Is Beneficial But Warns Of Job Risk

But AI will also present new opportunities for health, education, energy, and the environment

4 years ago

White House Refuses To Support Draft Encryption Bill

Obama refuses to enter debate surrounding controversial draft bill, that will require tech firms to help crack encryption

5 years ago

US Government, Spooks, Tech Giants Meet For ISIS Showdown

Silicon Valley meets US government and others to discuss ways to combat terrorist use of social media

5 years ago

Chinese Premier Meets US Tech Bosses

Xi Jinping presses the flesh with US tech bosses, promises reform

5 years ago

Siri Gate-Crashes White House Press Conference

Apple’s voice-activated assistant interrupted question about Iran nuclear deal

5 years ago

Russian Hackers Obtained Obama Emails

Last autumn's hack on the White House was more serious than was reported at the time, according to the New…

6 years ago

White House Breach Blamed On Russian Hackers

The White House network breach was carried out by hackers “likely working” for the Russian government

6 years ago

US Sanctions To Tackle Cyber Hacker Scourge

Hackers outside US will be financially punished after United States launches a cyber sanctions program

6 years ago

White House Hires Ex-Facebook Director For Tech Modernisation

Former engineering boss at Facebook hired as the first ever director of IT at the White House

6 years ago

White House Hires VMware CIO Tony Scott

VMware exec set to aid in 'changing the way the Federal government manages IT'

6 years ago

White House Leaves FTC To Decide Net Neutrality Laws

The FTC will decide how the Internet is governed after the White House said it already had the required powers

6 years ago

White House Computer Network ‘Attacked By Russian Hackers’

Attack on White House unclassified network was spotted by US ally

6 years ago

AP Twitter Feed Hacked And Claims White House Attack

Hackers compromised the Twitter feeds of the Associated Press and falsely reported White House explosions

8 years ago

Petition To Oust Aaron Swartz Prosecutor Hits 25,000 Goal

White House should now issue a response on the Aaron Swartz case

8 years ago

Anonymous Petitioning White House To Make DDoS Legal

Hacktivist groups wants its attacks to be legal

8 years ago

Washington Denies Hacker Attack Compromised Nuclear Information

An attack on the White House did no harm whatsoever, a US official claims

8 years ago

Obama Releases Bill Of Rights Proposal For Online Privacy

A US privacy bill proposed by President Obama will give Web surfers access to their data and an online tracking…

9 years ago

SOPA Is Gone But The US Internet Dictatorship Is The Real Problem

SOPA may have gone but there are still laws and policies which impose US standards on the rest of the…

9 years ago