Apple In Spotlight Over Employee NDAs

Former Apple engineer filed whistleblower complaint with US financial regulator over nondisclosure agreement (NDA) attempt

6 months ago

Facebook Orders Staff Not To Destroy Internal Documents

Amid the ongoing whistleblower fallout, Facebook orders all its staff to preserve internal documents, in case of legal inquiries

7 months ago

Facebook Making Online Hate Worse, Whistleblower Tells MPs

Frances Haugen answered questions from the UK parliament's Joint Committee on Monday, after cache of internal documents is released

7 months ago

Whistleblower Says Facebook Knows It Is Harming People

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen to testify before US Senate, but has alleged the social network puts profits before clamping down…

8 months ago

Tesla Wins Case Against Former Staffer Who Stole Data

Tesla wins court case against former employee at Tesla's Giga Nevada factory, who hacked systems and supplied data to unknown…

2 years ago

Google FTC Decision Prompts Whistleblower Probe

The constant leaks during the FTC probe of Google has prompted political scrutiny by an angry congressman

9 years ago

Wikileaks Delays Online Submission System

Security fears over SSL prompt Wikileaks to delay the launch of its online submission system

10 years ago

US Investigation Of WikiLeaks’ Assange Is Misguided

The US government has no business investigating Julian Assange for publishing secret diplomatic messages, says Wayne Rash

11 years ago