Donald Trump Shuts Comms Website After Just One Month

'From the desk of Donald Trump' communications website closes after just one month of operation, and will not be returning

12 months ago

‘Hundreds’ Of Websites Track User Keystrokes

Is it legal? Hundreds of websites are said to be tracking visitor keystrokes raising questions of legality

5 years ago

Chinese Firm Ctrip Snaps-Up Scotland’s Skyscanner For £1.4bn

UK startup gets acquired by Chinese travel giant

6 years ago

Registrations Of .Cloud Domain Name Gather Pace, Hitting 70,823 So Far

.cloud domain name adoption attracts the attention of all manner of businesses

6 years ago

Weekend Sky Bet Website Outage Leaves Customers Frustrated

Sky Bet's website downtime remains unexplained as technicians continue to investigate

6 years ago

Irish Government Websites Taken Down By DDoS Attacks

DDoS attack knocks Irish government websites offline, soon after major cyberattack on Irish lottery

6 years ago

Washington Post Tackles Snooping, Encrypts Webite

Major American news outlet encrypts website to protect readers from spies and hackers

7 years ago

Yahoo To Close Maps, Pipes And Other Services

Yahoo is to close a number of products and regional websites, as well as end support for older Apple kit

7 years ago

UK SMEs Set To Ramp Up Digital Spending

Business investment in websites is to increase dramatically over the next two years, research predicts

7 years ago

What Can We Learn From The Jamie Oliver Website Hack?

A drizzle of malware, a dash of exploit and a dollop of malicious code were the recipe for Jamie Oliver's…

7 years ago

Creator Of Online Black Market Silk Road Faces Life Behind Bars After Guilty Verdict

Ross Ulbricht AKA Dread Pirate Roberts was found guilty of seven federal charges, including drug trafficking and money laundering

7 years ago

Russian Dating Website Buys Back 20 million Stolen Email Addresses

Details remain sketchy - has the hacker turned security consultant?

7 years ago

What We Learned From The Moonpig Website Bug

How should companies respond to vulnerability discoveries and do they have an ethical obligation to protect customer data?

7 years ago

Developer Says Moonpig’s Website Architect Should Be Shot Or Waterboarded

Is someone telling porkies? Serious flaw allegedly found in Moonpig's website - but the greetings card firm says customer data…

7 years ago

Dangerous XSS Vulnerabilities Found On Trip Advisor Website

XSS attacks are being used in combination with spear phishing, social engineering and drive-by attacks

7 years ago

TechWeekEurope Gets A New Look

Redesigned features all-new topic sections and is fully mobile responsive

8 years ago

Google Beefs Up Webmaster Academy

Google's Webmaster Academy has been expanded in order to help Webmasters improve their websites

8 years ago

New Google Maps API Allows Embedded Website Maps

A new Google Maps Embed API makes it easier for Webmasters to insert Google Maps into their websites

8 years ago

Bing Tempts Webmasters With Knowledge Widget

Microsoft courts webmasters with a Bing-powered Website widget that intelligently provides more information

8 years ago

Anonymous Gets $54k Funding For News Site

Your Anon News to set up its own incendiary web space

9 years ago

Microsoft Security ‘Blocks Free Software Foundation Donations’

Oops! Microsoft product labels the Free Software Foundation's donation page as a gambling site

10 years ago

Mozilla Offers Easy Website Creation With Thimble

A Mozilla tool is offering beginners an easy way to create websites by making HTML coding “incredibly simple”

10 years ago

Amnesty International Website Serves Malware For Two Days

Amnesty International website chucks malware onto people's computers for two days

10 years ago

Teenagers Arrested After SOCA DDoS

Two teens are arrested following the hit on SOCA and others

10 years ago

Pirate Bay Unhappy With Anonymous Virgin DDoS Bomb

Virgin Media's website is taken offline for an hour, but the Pirate Bay isn't cheering Anonymous on

10 years ago

SOCA Website Forced Offline By DDoS Attack

The Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) has been taken offline by a DDoS attack, TechWeekEurope has learnt

10 years ago

Toshiba in Competition Data Breach

Toshiba's website fail leads to user info leaking and a breach of the Data Protection Act

10 years ago

Video: ChannelBiz Will Help Distributors Sell The Cloud

Experts talk about the transformation of the IT channel in the UK, at the launch of ChannelBiz

10 years ago

Microsoft Abandons Its Mix Conference To Build A New One

Microsoft has cancelled its Mix 2012 conference for Web developers and designers in favour of a bigger event later

10 years ago

Government Digital Service Opens For Business

The GDS is now in place to reduce the cost and improve the quality of government online services

10 years ago