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Which Bookmaker Had The Fastest Website On Grand National Day?

The UK's biggest online betting sites fell short of the mark when it came to website speed

5 years ago

Google Search Share Stung By Firefox Switch

Two percent drop comes amidst waning CIO support for Google Cloud

7 years ago

Proposal To Tag HTTP Websites As ‘Non-Secure’

Google Chrome team proposes to make all web browsers tag HTML websites as 'non-secure' destinations

7 years ago

Bots Make Up Majority Of Website Traffic

A study from Incapsula claims that over 60 percent of all website traffic is not actually from humans, but rather…

8 years ago

Cloud Traffic To Dominate Data Centres, Says Cisco

Cloud traffic is the fastest growing element of data centre traffic, and is set to grow over the next few…

8 years ago

Global Internet Traffic Predicted To Triple By 2017

Over the next four years Internet traffic worldwide will triple, thanks to more connected devices and faster networks

9 years ago

Cisco Predicts Huge Rise In Mobile Internet Traffic

Mobile Internet traffic will grow thirteenfold by 2017 as faster networks and more users drive demand, Cisco warns

9 years ago

Cisco Beefs Up Network Analytics With Truviso Purchase

Cisco is to give its customers real-time visibility into the data traffic on their networks with the purchase of Truviso

10 years ago

Government Internet Surveillance Measures Slammed

Government plans to monitor people's web and email use are heavily criticised.

10 years ago