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Twitter To Let Publishers Charge To Read Articles

Elon Musk latest change at Twitter will see platform allow publishers to charge users on a per-article basis

1 year ago

Putin Orders New System To Ban ‘Toxic’ Internet Content

Amid Ukraine crisis, Russian President Vladimir Putin asks his administration to consider new system to ban toxic internet content

2 years ago

Facebook Oversight Board Repeats Transparency Demand

Meta's 'Supreme Court' has once again urged the social networking giant to be more transparent about its content moderation decisions

3 years ago

Facebook Oversight Board To Examine Free Pass For High-Profile Users

Facebook's Supreme Court, the Oversight Board, is to investigate the 'cross-check' system used for content decisions for high-profile users

3 years ago

Twitter Soon To Be Blocked For Russian Users – Report

Russian authorities have repeated a warning that Twitter has one month to delete 'banned content', or it will be blocked…

3 years ago

Australia Passes Amended ‘Media Bargaining Law’

Australia becomes first country in the world where a government arbitrator can set prices tech giants must pay for local…

3 years ago

Facebook Restarts Australian News, After Government Agrees Changes

Australian government agrees to alter its 'media bargaining law', after Facebook blocked local news from its platform last week

3 years ago

Google Signs News Corp To ‘News Showcase’ Scheme

International media group that includes newspapers such as the Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Sun, sign three year deal…

3 years ago

Australia To Introduce Publisher Payment Bill Next Week

Facebook called it 'bad legislation' and Google says it is 'unworkable', and threatened to pull out, as Australia gears up…

3 years ago

Facebook Oversight Board Overrules Zuckerberg In Four Cases

Social network's 'supreme court' overturns four out of five Facebook decisions to remove questionable content from its platform

3 years ago

Google To Restore ‘News Showcase’ Service To Australia – Report

Despite confrontation with Australian government over content payments, Google reportedly readies own news service down under

3 years ago

France Requires Social Media Firms To Remove Content Within One Hour

That could difficult. French parliament passes a law that requires social media companies to delete certain content within an hour

4 years ago

Facebook Moderators Agree $52 Million Settlement After PTSD Lawsuit

Facebook has agreed a multi million dollar settlement with content moderators who sued it for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and…

4 years ago

Facebook Names Members Of Oversight Board

Facebook names members of its content oversight board that can overrule Mark Zuckerberg over objectionable content on the platform

4 years ago

US Questions Tech Firm Liability Exemption For User Posts

Does Facebook and Google still need immunity from legal liability for user post? US Attorney General doesn't seem to think…

4 years ago

Government To Put Ofcom In Charge Of Regulating Internet Content

More powers on the way for British communications watchdog Ofcom, after Government decides Internet firms cannot regulate themselves

4 years ago

Google, Facebook To Work With Samaritans On Unsafe Content

Health Secretary announces tech giants will work with Samaritans to limit harmful online content

5 years ago

Google Search Results Will No Longer Show Medical Records

Google makes a departure from its usually hands-off approach when it comes to search results

7 years ago

Is It Fair To Accuse Google Of ‘Cashing In’ On Extremist Content?

OPINION: The Mail on Sunday slams Google, but should all the blame really be levied at tech companies?

7 years ago

Google, Twitter, Facebook Pledge To Up Anti-Terror Efforts

Home Secretary Amber Rudd holds meeting with leading tech firms over tackling terrorist content online

7 years ago

Opera Neon Concept Browser Is ‘The Future Of The Web’

Opera has given the world a glimpse of its first ever concept browser, codenamed Opera Neon, which it hopes will…

7 years ago