US Watchdog Asks Tesla Why No Recall Over Autopilot Change

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration questions lack of recall of Tesla's Autopilot, amid official investigation of the driver assistance system

3 months ago

European Court Backs National Watchdog Data Enforcement

Blow for Irish data protection watchdog, as Europe's top court rules it is no longer the only data enforcer across…

7 months ago

German Regulator Orders Facebook To Stop Using WhatsApp Data

Three month data collection ban. Facebook has been banned by regulator from processing the personal data from German WhatsApp users

8 months ago

France, The Netherlands Urge EU Watchdog For Tech Giants

More oversight? Two key European countries urge the creation of a European Union watchdog to police large technology firms

1 year ago

Russia Issues Election Protest Warning To Google

As protests continue in Moscow, Russian regulator warns to Google stop 'advertising' protests on YouTube

2 years ago

Google Faces Irish Advertising Probe For GDPR Compliance

Irish data protection watchdog begins investigation to see if Google is obeying GDPR with its advertising services

3 years ago

European Watchdogs To Tackle Social Media Data Harvesting

'Sorry is not enough' say European watchdogs as they form working group to data collection by social media

4 years ago

Aussie Regulator Sues Apple For ‘Bricking’ Third-Party Repaired iPhones

Error 53 row continues. Apple accused of 'bricking' iPhones, if cracked screens were fixed by third parties

5 years ago

Google Blasted By Danish Watchdog Over Uncapped TIme Storage Of Personal Data

The search giant is being probed yet again by a European watchdog

5 years ago

WhatsApp Warned Over Data Sharing Policy Change

European regulators demand halt to user data transfer by WhatsApp, and contact Yahoo over breach and spying issue

5 years ago

German Regulator Orders WhatsApp To Halt Data Harvest

Breaking the law...Watchdog accuses WhatsApp of 'misleading' users and breaking German data protection laws

5 years ago

Irish Watchdog Refers Facebook Data Transfers To European Court

Debate over data privacy reaches next level as Facebook's transfers to the US are pushed up the legal ladder

6 years ago

Safe Harbour 2.0 Not Adequate, Says WP29 Data Watchdog

The new data sharing agreement between Europe and the US may not be adequate, leak suggests

6 years ago

European Data Watchdog WP29 Mulls Data-Sharing Deal

Uncertainty for businesses after European watchdog group takes time to examine new data sharing deal

6 years ago

Facebook Backs Down In Cookie Row With Belgian Watchdog

Facebook blinks first in bitter clash Belgian Privacy Watchdog over user tracking cookies

6 years ago

Landmark EU Data Protection Ruling To Impact Tech Giants

European court decision against Slovakian property website could have far reaching consequences

6 years ago

Belgian Privacy Watchdog Hits Back After Facebook Criticism

Tit for tat argument continues as Belgian Privacy Watchdog sharply criticises Facebook and its privacy controls

7 years ago

Google Faces Italian Deadline For User Data Policies

Google faces more drama in Italy after its regulator handed out a deadline to reform its data use policies

7 years ago

Quiz Of The Week: Tech Watchdogs

Who watches the watchdogs? TechWeek does - and so can you, with our quiz about regulators!

8 years ago