Apple iPhone Exploit Allows Users To ‘Jailbreak’ Devices

Fully updated Apple devices contain the exploit that allows the first public jailbreak for Apple's iOS operating system for nearly…

3 months ago

Coronavirus: NHS Contact Tracing App Has Flaws, Aussie Researchers Warn

Security flaws in the NHS coronavirus contact-tracing app could pose risk to user privacy, as the NCSC promises to fix…

3 months ago

Thunderbolt Ports Vulnerable To Hackers

If a hacker gains physical access to your computer, the Thunderbolt port could be exploited to access the hard disc…

3 months ago

Apple Denies iPhone Mail Flaw Has Been Used In The Wild

Disputes claim by researcher ZecOps that the iPhone Mail flaws have been exploited at least six times against high-profile victims

4 months ago

Critical ‘BlueFrag’ Bluetooth Vulnerability In Older Android OS

Security researchers ERNW identity critical vulnerability affecting the Android Bluetooth subsystem, which it is calling 'BlueFrag'

6 months ago

Major Flaw In Microsoft Windows Revealed By NSA

Microsoft pushes out critical security fix, after tip off from the US National Security Agency about serious flaw in all…

7 months ago

TikTok Fixes ‘Serious’ Security Flaws

Video-sharing firm TikTok says it has fixed serious vulnerabilities identified by security specialist Check Point, that were present for most…

7 months ago

Twitter Fixes Serious Security Glitch In Android App

Company urges Android users to update to latest version of app after finding bug that could allow account takeovers and…

8 months ago

Unpatched Android Flaw Exploited To Steal Banking Logins

Unpatched 'StrandHogg' vulnerability found to be targeting at least 60 financial institutions, but could also be used to carry out…

8 months ago

Samsung Patches Fingerprint Flaw With Galaxy S10

Update to fix problems with Samsung's fingerprint recognition feature as phone giant urges users to apply patch

10 months ago

Amazon Promoted Webcams Vulnerable To Hackers, Warns Which?

Cheap home security cameras, webcams and baby monitors, promoted by Amazon, are riddled with security flaws

11 months ago

US Revives Airplane Cybersecurity Bug Hunt

Department of Homeland Security revives program to identify cybersecurity flaws in modern aircraft

11 months ago

Cisco Patches Critical Flaw That Allowed Root Access To Guest OS

Critical flaw in Cisco IOS software could allow hackers to access the Guest Operating System as root user

11 months ago

Microsoft Issues Emergency Patch For IE

Emergency patch for Internet Explorer to stop attackers hijacking the web browser

11 months ago

Multiple Vulnerabilities in D-Link, Comba Routers, Warns Trustwave

D-Link and Comba slated for poor response to discovery of multiple vulnerabilities found on their routers

11 months ago

Database Exposes 419m Facebook Users Phone Numbers

Privacy lapse after a database containing millions of Facebook users phone numbers was left unprotected online

11 months ago

Google Warns Of ‘Sustained Effort’ To Hack Apple iPhones

Google's Project Zero warns of a 'sustained effort' to hack iPhones over past two years, via poisoned websites

12 months ago

Biometrics Database Breach Not So Big, Says Suprema

'Errr yes it was' security researchers insist, estimating that 'large amounts of biometrics data' has been exposed

12 months ago

Apple Patch Reopens Security Vulnerability

OS update for iPhone should not be installed as it reopens security flaw that was previously patched

12 months ago

Biometrics Database Used By Banks, Police Contains Major Flaw

Data risks highlighted after researchers uncover major breach in biometric database used by police, banks

12 months ago

DSLR Cameras Vulnerable To Ransomware – Check Point

Not such a pretty picture. Security researchers manage to hack Canon DSLR camera with ransomware

1 year ago

WhatsApp Flaw Unpatched For Over A Year, Says Check Point

Facebook was told about WhatsApp flaw over a year ago, but the vulnerability remain exploitable today

1 year ago

Apple Offers Up To $1m For iPhone Bug Bounty

Opens up bug bounty scheme to all researchers, and increases top financial rewards to $1m for most serious vulnerabilities

1 year ago

Apple Disables Watch Walkie-Talkie App

Vulnerability could have allowed people to listen in, so Apple takes decision to disable app

1 year ago

Zoom App Flaw Allows Mac Camera To Be Turned On Remotely

Zoom video conferencing app on Apple Macs contain zero-day vulnerability that allows for camera exploit

1 year ago

Cisco Warns Of Flaws In Data Centre Kit

Cisco warns of two critical flaws affecting its equipment commonly used in data centres

1 year ago

Firefox Users Urged To Update Browser

Mozilla advisory urges update after discovery of zero-day vulnerability being exploited in the wild

1 year ago

Bluekeep: NSA Warns Windows Users To Update And Upgrade

Cyber attack risk if you don't patch or upgrade to newer operating systems, warns American spy agency

1 year ago

UK ‘Particularly Vulnerable’ To Cyber Attack, MPs Warn

Public Accounts Committee report warns that the UK is extremely vulnerable due to its advanced digital economy

1 year ago

All Docker Versions Vulnerable To Unpatched Flaw – Report

All versions of Docker are vulnerable to serious flaw, but a patch is being reviewed

1 year ago