Tech Industry Scrambles Over Log4j Vulnerability

Vulnerability found in Apache logging library Log4j exposes popular apps, websites and online services to attack and exploitation

1 month ago

Researchers Warn Of Software Flaws With Medical Devices

More than a dozen vulnerabilities found in software used in medical devices and machinery, which could cause crashes if exploited

2 months ago

Biden Administration Orders All Federal Agencies To Patch Systems

US President Joe Biden and CISA gives all US federal agencies six months to patch hundreds of known cybersecurity flaws…

3 months ago

US Agencies Urge Patch To Tackle BlackBerry QNX Flaw

Cars and medical devices at risk from a serious vulnerability in the BlackBerry QNX operating system, US federal agencies warn

5 months ago

Old Routers Pose Security Risk, Warns Which?

Elderly routers that can no longer receive firmware updates posed security risk to millions of people, consumer group Which? warns

9 months ago

Oversight Board Again Flags Huawei Security Concerns

British security officials have again raised concerns about Huawei equipment and said only 'limited assurance' could be given to long-term…

1 year ago

Apple Email Flaw Exposed iPhones To Hacking

A flaw in Apple's Mail app found on iPhones and iPad, has left devices susceptible to sophisticated attacks for years,…

2 years ago

Coronavirus: Zoom Promises Fixes For Security Issues

Widely used video-conferencing app Zoom apologies for security flaws, and promises to improve both safety and privacy going forward

2 years ago

Apple Fixed Tracking Flaws In Safari, But Google Director Disagrees

Google identified multiple privacy flaws in Apple's Safari browser, which the iPad maker said it has fixed, but a Google…

2 years ago

Google Project Zero Changes Controversial Disclosure Policy

Google security researchers are to change their rapid disclosure of security flaws – a policy that has angered many tech…

2 years ago

WhatsApp Bug Can Wipe Out Group Chats, Warns Check Point

Devastating bug found by Check Point that can permanently destroy group chats within WhatsApp with just one text

2 years ago

Patch Tuesday Fixes Zero-Day Flaw, As Windows 7 Cut Off Looms

Only one more Patch Tuesday update for Windows 7 users in January 2020, as Microsoft delivers its final security update…

2 years ago

Intelligence Agencies Warn Of Flaw With VPN Products

Both the US NSA and UK NCSC warn hackers are actively exploiting vulnerabilities in VPN products

2 years ago

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Fixes 59 Flaws

Nine critical flaws patched, and the good news is there no-zero-day flaws requiring system admin attention

2 years ago

Cisco Patches Critical Flaw That Allowed Root Access To Guest OS

Critical flaw in Cisco IOS software could allow hackers to access the Guest Operating System as root user

2 years ago

Apple Patch Reopens Security Vulnerability

OS update for iPhone should not be installed as it reopens security flaw that was previously patched

2 years ago

WhatsApp Flaw Unpatched For Over A Year, Says Check Point

Facebook was told about WhatsApp flaw over a year ago, but the vulnerability remain exploitable today

2 years ago

Apple Disables Watch Walkie-Talkie App

Vulnerability could have allowed people to listen in, so Apple takes decision to disable app

3 years ago

Nokia Slams Huawei For ‘Serious’ Security Flaws – Updated

Update - Nokia says that the comments of its CTO does not reflect its official view on the matter.

3 years ago

All Docker Versions Vulnerable To Unpatched Flaw – Report

All versions of Docker are vulnerable to serious flaw, but a patch is being reviewed

3 years ago

Intel ‘Zombieload’ Fix Prompts Processor Slowdown Fears

Meltdown and Spectre flashback? Researchers warn of data centre processor slowdown from Zombieload fix

3 years ago

Intel ‘Spoiler’ Chip Flaw Uncovered By Researchers

Return of the Spectre scare? Spoiler flaw could allow attacker to exploit how a PC's memory works

3 years ago

Cisco Fixes Critical Flaw In Surveillance Appliances

The company discovered an undocumented, hard-coded root account in its surveillance management software that could be exploited by hackers to…

3 years ago

Intel CPUs At Risk From Foreshadow Flaw

Not again. Intel rocked by another data stealing vulnerability that affects the secure CPU enclave

3 years ago

Bluetooth Pairing Bug To Be Repaired

Update coming for Bluetooth after pairing vulnerability could see attacker intercept communications

3 years ago

LocationSmart Flaw Reveals Location Data Of US Mobile Users

Oops. Customers of all major US mobile carriers have their location data leaked without their consent

4 years ago

Patch Tuesday Tackles Two Flaws Under Active Attack

Security updates tackles 67 vulnerabilities in total, including two zero-days being actively attacked

4 years ago

Serious Oracle Access Manager Vulnerability Patched

Oracle patches a serious vulnerability that could allow an attacker to impersonate arbitrary users (even admins)

4 years ago

Schneider Electric Software Flaws Leave Critical Infrastructure Vulnerable

Researchers from Tenable say critical infrastructure is vulnerable to cyber-attacks because of flaws

4 years ago

GitHub Inspection Discovers 4 Million Flaws In Public Code

Bug hunting. First inspection run of public code libraries reveals four million vulnerabilities

4 years ago