Twitter, Facebook Flags Trump Posts Ahead Of US Election

US President Donald Trump has had his posts on Monday about mail-in voting fraud flagged by both social networking platforms

2 years ago

Information Commissioner Calls For Regulation Of Social Media

A new regulatory body is needed to police social media firms' 'very disturbing' use of personal data for political purposes,…

4 years ago

Facebook To Clamp Down On Voting Misinformation

US election clampdown, but meantime in the UK it pledges to make political adverts “transparent”

4 years ago

Swiss ‘Crypto Valley’ Tests Blockchain-Based Voting

The city of Zug is to hold a small-scale test referendum using its blockchain-based electronic ID system

4 years ago

US Senators Quiz Vendors Over Russian Access To Voting Machines

Have the Russians sneaked a peak at the source code used in e-voting machines, ask US Senators

4 years ago

Harvard University Recommends How To Stop Election Hackers

The new Harvard programme is intended to put local and national election campaigns on guard against nation state hacking attacks

5 years ago

DefCon: Hackers Find Voting Machine Security Flaws

Five voting machines, most of which are currently in use in the US, were found to be easily hackable at…

5 years ago

Non-Voters Back Online Voting System Ahead Of General Election

General election voting - Survey finds 42 percent of non-voters would likely vote if online system were in place

5 years ago

US Election Hack Warning From Cyber Security Experts

Experts warn the US election could be disrupted by hackers, and warn authorities to closely watch key US states

6 years ago

Mayor Of London 2016: IT Glitch Leaves Many Unable To Vote

Barnet constituents turned away from polling stations this morning following electoral register errors

6 years ago

Attention, Londoners! Facebook Wants You To Vote

Newsfeed campaign looks to encourage Facebook users to register to vote in upcoming May 6 mayoral elections

6 years ago