Amazon’s Alabama Warehouse To Vote Again On Trade Union

Not the right outcome? Workers and staff at Amazon fulfilment centre in Bessemer, Alabama to vote again whether it should…

1 week ago

Amazon Union Vote Result Should Be Scrapped, Says NLRB Official

The result from milestone trade union vote at Amazon warehouse in Alabama should be set aside, and a new vote…

4 months ago

Amazon Loses Opening Round In Union Vote Challenge

Labour board rejects Amazon request to be informed of witnesses' identities in advance, as union challenges loss of landmark Alabama…

7 months ago

Trade Union Evidence Could Overturn Amazon Vote, Labor Board Says

US Labor Board warns evidence submitted by a trade union after historic vote at Amazon Alabama warehouse, could see it…

7 months ago

Amazon Takes Early Lead In Historic US Vote

Historic vote at Amazon fulfilment centre in Bessemer, Alabama, sees e-commerce giant take early lead in trade union count

8 months ago

Amazon Executive Fires Back At US Senator Visit To Alabama Workers

Amazon executive hits out at US Senator Bernie Sanders, who plans to visit with workers in Alabama during their historic…

9 months ago

President Biden Backs Amazon Worker Union Ballot

US President lends his support to Amazon workers in Alabama trying to organise a vote on a trade union, and…

9 months ago

Amazon Faces Union Challenge In Alabama

Workers at Amazon fulfilment centre in Alabama are to be balloted over joining union, which would be a first for…

12 months ago

California Approves Gig Economy ‘Contractor’ Vote

Blow for state legislators. Californians have voted to allow gig workers to remain as 'contractors', and not be classified as…

1 year ago

Iran, Russia, Have Obtained US Voter Data, US Warns

Russia and Iran have obtained some US voter registration data and are attempting to influence Presidential election, Trump official warns

1 year ago

Apple Shareholders Vote On Chinese App Removal Policies

Apple's policy to obey Chinese government orders to remove certain apps from its App Store in China is facing a…

2 years ago

Judge Reluctantly Approves Georgia Voting Machines, Despite Hack Concern

X marks the vote. Not enough time to resort to secure paper-based voting system, laments US judge

3 years ago

European MEPs Reject Controversial EU Copyright Bill

Reprieve for memes, as MEPs reject copyright bill in its current format. But the fight isn't over just yet

3 years ago

Controversial Copyright Bill Approved By EU Committee

But critics argue it will change the face of the Internet as we know it, and herald the end of…

3 years ago

US Senate Votes To Halt FCC’s Net Neutrality Decision

But will anyone care? Pointless vote will be defeated by the House of Representatives and the US President

4 years ago

FCC To Publish Net Neutrality Rule Reversal

Ahead of legal challenges, FCC expected to publish its December order overturning Net Neutrality rules

4 years ago

Non-Voters Back Online Voting System Ahead Of General Election

General election voting - Survey finds 42 percent of non-voters would likely vote if online system were in place

5 years ago

US Election Hack Warning From Cyber Security Experts

Experts warn the US election could be disrupted by hackers, and warn authorities to closely watch key US states

5 years ago

Investigatory Powers Bill Is Passed By Parliament

Most Labour MPs join the Conservatives to pass controversial surveillance legislation in Parliament

6 years ago

SEC Orders Amazon Shareholder Vote Over Gender Pay

Amazon shareholders ordered to vote on proposal over salaries between men and women employees

6 years ago

London Tech Firms Signal Opposition To Brexit

Better in together? London tech firms overwhelmingly opposes Britain's exit of the EU, new survey suggests

6 years ago

California Joins US Voter Breach Investigation

Probe begins after a database of confidential US voter information was published online

6 years ago

Unsafe US eVoting Machines Exposed In New Report

Forget hanging chads. Damning report highlights shocking security of voting terminals used in American elections

7 years ago

Almost A Million UK Residents Register To Vote Online

The recently introduced online registration platform is a big hit with young voters

7 years ago

NSA Surveillance Reform Bill Passes Government Vote

Legislation to curb the snooping activities of the NSA passes US vote, but this result pleases no one

8 years ago

Gates And Ballmer Risk Investor Ire With Microsoft Board Move

Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer look to be set on a collision course with some of Microsoft's top investors

8 years ago

Vodafone Wins Shareholder Support For Kabel Acquisition

Vodafone got enough shareholder approval for its acquisition of Germany’s largest cable operator

8 years ago

Michael Dell Poised To Win Buyout Bid

Michael Dell looks set to win the bruising buyout deal for the company as shareholders vote today

8 years ago

Icahn Demands Vote On Dell Buyout Bid

Carl Icahn claims shareholders are against Michael Dell’s bid to buy the company and the vote should go ahead

8 years ago

Michael Dell Raises Buyout Bid As Board Delays Vote

Dell directors again delay shareholder vote as Michael Dell increases buyout offer

8 years ago