Virtual Currency

Meta Finance Move With ‘Zuck Bucks’ Virtual Coins – Report

Plans at Meta to introduce virtual coins and lending services to its apps portfolio, despite cryptocurrency project collapse

4 months ago

Mexico Bans Cryptocurrency Trades Or Services

Mexico's central bank and the country's finance ministry says financial institutions are not allowed to utilise cryptocurrencies

1 year ago

PayPal Opens Up To Cryptocurrencies

Popular online payments system PayPal announces entry into cryptocurrency market, in a move that may draw regulator scrutiny

2 years ago

Online Banking Start-Up Accuses Facebook Of ‘Ripping Off’ Logo

The emblem for Facebook's new virtual currency subsidiary, Calibra, bears a striking similarity to one in use since 2016

3 years ago

Facebook Launches Libra Cryptocurrency For Global Payments

Digital asset aims to put financial transactions into the hands of millions without bank accounts, but with access to a…

3 years ago

China Tightens Grip On Blockchain-Based Services

Users of blockchain-based information services will have to register their real names and identity numbers in latest crackdown – even…

4 years ago

Cryptocurrency Plunge Takes Heat Off UK Regulators

Regulators and government finance officials in the UK are backing away from immediate regulatory action on cryptoassets, as investor interest…

4 years ago

Microsoft Jumps Aboard Bitcoin Bandwagon

Microsoft becomes the latest firm to accept payments made using the bitcoin virtual currency

8 years ago

Hacker Earns £365,000 Mining Dogecoin With NAS Boxes

This could be the most profitable illegal crypto-currency mining operation in history

8 years ago

The Isle Of Man Embraces Virtual Currencies

Local authorities promote the island as the perfect base for Bitcoin and Litecoin operations, say they can prevent money laundering

8 years ago

Mutiny At Bitcoin Foundation Over New Director Brock Pierce

At least ten foundation members want to see former child star and Bitcoin investor removed from the board

8 years ago

Hackers Raid DogeVault, Fate Of Customer Dogecoins Unclear

Some customers say their virtual wallets were emptied minutes before the website went down

8 years ago

Silk Road 2.0 Hacked, £1.5 Million Worth Of Bitcoins Stolen

Attackers have used the ‘transaction malleability’ flaw which prompted Mt Gox exchange to stop withdrawals a few days ago

8 years ago

All Bitcoin Wallets On Android “Vulnerable To Theft”

Google's not-so-random number generator allows thieves to hijack wallets if certain conditions are met

9 years ago

Mt. Gox BitCoin Exchange “Hosted On Thousands Of Servers All Around The World”

The world’s largest BitCoin exchange partners with Akamai for speed and security

9 years ago

Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme Arrest In US

A man accused of defrauding investors has been arrested for operating a Ponzi scheme involving bitcoins

9 years ago

BitCoin Casino Earns Over £50,000 A Month

Online gambling boosts the virtual currency ecosystem

10 years ago

BitInstant Continues Sign-ups For Bitcoin Paycard

BitInstant says its virtual currency debit card could be real by October

10 years ago

MasterCard Denies Plans For BitCoin Debit Card

MasterCard is out of the loop, but BitInstant says the launch is still on track

10 years ago

BitCoin Debit Card Coming Soon

According to rumours, BitInstant will be launching a MasterCard with BitCoin support in six to eight weeks

10 years ago