video calling

Google Tightens Security For Meet Video Conferencing Tool

Securing video chats. New security features for Meet videoconferencing platform aims to halt uninvited users gate crashing meetings

2 weeks ago

Zoom Briefly Suspends Accounts Of Chinese Activists

Zoom meeting of US-based Chinese activist group to commemorate Tiananmen Square massacre results in brief account suspension

2 months ago

WhatsApp Challenges Zoom With 50 Person Video Calling

Serious video conferencing move by Facebook. Desktop users of WhatsApp will soon be able to add up 50 people on…

3 months ago

WhatsApp Rolls Out Eight-Person Group Video Calls

Blow to video conferencing systems? Latest version of WhatsApp allows for eight-person video calling, and it is encrypted

3 months ago

Google Challenges Zoom With Meet Video Conferencing App

Google makes its business-oriented video conferencing app Meet free to all consumers, in a direct challenge to Zoom and Microsoft…

3 months ago

Coronavirus: Zoom Reaches 300 Million Users, Adds 256-bit Encryption

Growth of video conferencing app Zoom continues with 300 million users, and firm announces Zoom 5.0 with AES 256-bit encryption

4 months ago

Coronavirus: Pandemic Ends 700 Years Tradition After Virtual Parliament Approval

Plan for a virtual parliament has been approved, breaking a 700 year tradition of law makers conducting business in the…

4 months ago

Coronavirus: US Senators Advised To Avoid Using Zoom – Report

US Senate reportedly becomes the latest organisation to advise members not to use Zoom, over privacy and security concerns

4 months ago

Coronavirus: Zoom Promises Fixes For Security Issues

Widely used video-conferencing app Zoom apologies for security flaws, and promises to improve both safety and privacy going forward

4 months ago

Coronavirus: UK Government Defends Use Of Zoom

Government says Zoom is useful for self-isolating ministers who have no access to its ultra secure video-conferencing system

4 months ago

Houseparty Claims Sabotage By Rival Over Hacking Reports

The owner of video chat app Houseparty claims a commercial rival has engaged in a smear campaign, and is offering…

4 months ago

Coronavirus: British Courts To Adapt With Video Calling

With a temporary pause on new jury trials in British Crown Courts due to Coronavirus pandemic, Justice ministry says video…

5 months ago

Facebook Portal Video Devices Set For European Launch

Video calling device that includes WhatsApp, Messenger, and Alexa built-in goes on sale in the UK, Europe

11 months ago

Fifteen Years After Launch, Skype Gets Call Recording

Skype gets the built-in ability to record calls into the cloud, with the option of downloading them for permanent storage

2 years ago

Facebook Adds Video Calling To Messenger

Looks to take on the likes of Skype with new addition

5 years ago

Microsoft Touts Xbox One For Connected Homes

Redmond is to use its Xbox One console as a gateway to other Microsoft services including video calls

7 years ago

Firefox, Chrome Browsers Demo WebRTC Comms

Users of the Firefox and Chrome browsers can now video chat without the need for pesky plug-ins

8 years ago

Vidyo To Undercut Rivals With Browser-Based Video

Vidyo is to show off new software-based video conferencing products designed to undercut the opposition

8 years ago

BT Partners With Polycom For Cloud-Based Video Service

BT has opted to use Polycom’s video conferencing platform as the foundation for its video as a service offering

8 years ago

Logitech Goes Corporate With HD ConferenceCam

Logitech is targeting corporate video conferencing users with its high-definition ConferenceCam

8 years ago

BT And Verizon Team Up To Expand Telepresence Services

Partnership between the two telecommunications giants will broaden the reach of their face-to-face video conferencing

9 years ago

Motorola Xyboard Tablet To Feature Polycom Video App

Polycom has expanded the availability of its video conferencing app to Motorola's Droid Xyboard tablet

9 years ago

Cisco Pulls The Plug On Umi Telepresence System For Consumers

Cisco has recognised it cannot compete with the likes of Skype on pricing and axed its Umi video system

9 years ago

Cisco CEO Comes Out Swinging

CEO John Chambers planted his feet and aimed at his competitors during Cisco's annual analysts' day

9 years ago

FCC Announces Plan For Video And SMS 911

People in America may in future be able to summon the emergency services via video or text

9 years ago

Skype Adds Video For More Android Phones, Tablets

Skype new Android app has added video calling support for 17 new smartphone and tablet devices

9 years ago

Hospital Denies Forcing Visits By Skype

A hospital has denied it was forcing relatives to use Skype instead of visiting them in hospital

9 years ago

Facebook Hit By Video Calling Scam

Just days after launch, the scammers have started hitting on Facebook’s video callers with a fake application

9 years ago

Video Calling Trend Adds A New Face To Social Networks

Facebook Video Calling with Skype is attracting interest from all sides of the industry, including scammers

9 years ago

Android Users Now Get Skype Cross Platform Video

Android phone users finally now have the ability to make video calls to desktop PCs or even an iPhone

9 years ago