ARM Shares Nearly Double Amid AI Surge

Shares in ARM Holdings have exploded over the past week, after an optimist forecast almost doubled its share price

3 months ago

Microsoft Briefly Overtakes Apple As Most Valuable Tech Company

Microsoft briefly overtook Apple as the most valuable tech company in the world, after share price pushed market cap to…

4 months ago

Value Of Twitter/X Falls 71 Percent Since Elon Musk Takeover – Report

Another valuation cut from X/Twitter shareholder shows remarkable fall in platform's market value since Elon Musk takeover

5 months ago

ARM Targets $60 Billion Valuation For IPO

Owner Softbank seeks valuation of $60 to $70 billion for September IPO of British chip designer ARM Holdings

10 months ago

Google Shares Still Down After Bard AI ChatBot Blunder

Shares in Alphabet still down, days after launch of Google's AI powered chatbot was blighted by demo of flawed response

1 year ago

Apple Market Value Drops Below $2 Trillion

Share price decline continues in 2023 as Apple's market value slips below $2 trillion, after it was the first to…

1 year ago

Apple First To Breach $3 Trillion Market Cap

The iPhone juggernaut briefly surpasses the $3 trillion market capitalisation threshold on Monday, over a year since passing the $2…

2 years ago

Microsoft Now Valued At $2 Trillion

Software giant Microsoft joins Apple, as it cross the $2 trillion threshold to become only the second company to reach…

3 years ago

Alphabet Hits $1 Trillion Market Valuation

Exclusive trillion dollar club. Google's parent Alphabet becomes the fourth US tech giant to reach a market value of $1…

4 years ago

Uber IPO Sets Market Value At $82bn Despite Lack Of Profit

Public offering to raise $8bn to drive expansion and fund driverless cars and food delivery

5 years ago

Amazon Joins Apple After It Reaches $1 Trillion Value

Former bookseller briefly crosses $1 billion market valuation threshold as broadening portfolio drives growth

6 years ago

Dropbox CEO: IPO Will Only Happen When It Suits Us

IPO is still something being actively pursued, but it will only happen at a time that suits the company.

7 years ago