WhatsApp Hits Two Billion Users, Defends Encryption

Facebook-owned messaging app now used by a staggering 2 billion people, as platform defends its default use of end-to-end encryption

2 years ago

Facebook Reveals Growth Of Government Data Requests

Governments around the world demand more and more data on Facebook users, but the US leads by far

7 years ago

One Billion People Access Facebook In A Single Day

Facebook rebuffs concerns about fatigue as social network reaches one billion milestone

7 years ago

Google+ 2011 Success Measured By 49m US Visits

Nearly 50 million US visitors used the social network in December, up 55 percent from the 30 million in November

10 years ago

Stop Giving Users Admin Rights!

Users can cause a lot of damage when given admin rights. It is time to stop the rot, says Paul…

11 years ago

8.43 Million UK Adults Have Never Used The Internet

More people are coming online but the Office of National Statistics says 16.8 percent remain non-users

11 years ago

Limited Google+ Still Growing Exponentially

Google+ user metrics show 1.8 million visits last week, with over half the traffic from Google and Gmail

11 years ago

iPhone Preferred Over Android As Short-term Buy

Apple's iPhone is the favoured buy for the next 90 days, beating Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7

11 years ago

Apple iPhone Owners Confused And Unsure About 4G

Apple iPhone owners wary about prospect of 4G connections but many think they have 4G links already

11 years ago

Facebook Sees Regional Dips But Overall Growth

Facebook lost users in the US and Canada in May but its worldwide tally continues to climb towards 700 million

11 years ago

User Data Stolen In Codemasters Hack Attack

Codemasters has closed its Website after substantial customer Information was stolen over a week ago

11 years ago

LinkedIn Does The Business For 100M Users

Eight years on, business social network LinkedIn reaches 100 million users as it prepares to go public

11 years ago