USB stick

Google Adds USB-C Model For Titan Security Key

Google is releasing a new USB-C Titan security key to expand the use of two-factor authentication (2FA)

1 month ago

Speedy USB4 Specification Confirmed

Specs for next generation USB connections will deliver greater speeds and Thunderbolt compatibility

3 months ago

Chinese National Detained After Accessing Trump Resort With Malware USB Stick

Woman with two Chinese passports charged, after entering Trump's Mar-a-Lago club with malware laden thumb drive

8 months ago

Heathrow Fined £120,000 Over Lost USB Stick

The unencrypted stick, containing personal data on staff, was found by a member of the public before being handed in…

1 year ago

UK SMBs Struggle To Manage Customer Data, Seagate Warns

GDPR is watching. British firms unsure of basic data protection policies and many still use USB sticks as primary storage…

1 year ago

Experiment Finds Half Of ‘Lost’ USB Sticks Will Be Plugged In

BLACK HAT 2016: Experiment shows that most half of people will plug a randomly placed USB stick into their computer,…

3 years ago

Dodgy USB Stick Kills Laptop In Seconds With 220 Volts

Researcher creates a less than subtle way of taking out any USB-equipped device

4 years ago

USB Devices Wide Open To Hack, Warn Researchers

The security of USB devices is fundamental broken by a hack that cannot be detected, warns researchers

5 years ago

Dell FCC Papers Reveal Project Ophelia Android Stick

Dell's Project Ophelia Android Stick will connect users to their content and applications via any display

6 years ago

ICO Raps Scottish Charity For USB Data Breach

A Scottish charity is told off after one of its workers is robbed of two unencrypted USB sticks.

8 years ago